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adidas sir bag Emmert expects to see quick changes in college basketball

With an independent commission looking into alleged corruption in the sport, Emmert used his annual state of the association speech Thursday to ask everyone in attendance to help him turn the commission’s recommendations into actual rules by the start of next season.

“They (the commission) are going to bring forth a report in April and we have to act on it,” he said just a few blocks away from the governing body’s headquarters in Indianapolis. “We’ve got to hear what they have to say, we have to digest it and we have to act. “Bud” Peterson, the board’s chairman and president of Georgia Tech, has already prepped his committee and the Division I Council to move quickly after the commission issues its report on April 25. The Council will then be asked to present formal proposals that will be voted on at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting in early August.

Those approved would likely take effect before season openers now tabbed for Nov. 6 after the Council voted Wednesday to move up the start date by three days.

“We have spent a considerable amount of time walking through that (plan) this week because it is a little unusual,” Peterson said.

The comments come as an FBI investigation into alleged corruption continues.

Ten men including a top Adidas executive and four college assistant coaches were charged in September with using hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to steer players to certain schools.

“Right now, there are some things we just have to get on with. We have to say, ‘Yep, we’re going to deal with it,'” Emmert said. “What we see with that FBI investigation is Exhibit A. A coach allegedly takes a bribe to steer a young man to a financial adviser who is going to bilk him out of money. It’s disgusting. It’s wrong. We know it’s not widespread like people assumed it was. But when we don’t respond appropriately, it makes everyone’s jobs harder.

“People don’t want words. They want to see actions.”

There’s no indication yet of what changes are under consideration.

Emmert outlined areas the committee is looking into: the relationships with professional basketball, shoe companies and agents, as well as summer basketball and enforcement.

Since former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was named chairwoman of the Commission On Basketball in mid October,
adidas torsion trainers Emmert expects to see quick changes in college basketball
Emmert said the 14 member committee has been meeting at least monthly, usually by telephone. But neither he nor Peterson has been briefed by the committee on what it has found.

Emmert acknowledged the commission has interviewed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, NBA Players Association executive director Michele Roberts, members of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions and even NCAA staff members. The committee is also expected to interview summer league and AAU basketball officials.

In the meantime, the Board of Governors isn’t waiting around.

On Thursday, it approved setting aside $10 million in reserves to help schools implement this year’s changes and $2.5 million annually beginning in 2019 20 for any additional new rules.

“I don’t know what the cost is going to be, but I do know that there’s going to be a cost,” Peterson said.

Wading through the NCAA’s usual legislative process also would come with a cost: a tainted reputation.

Emmert even alluded to it during his prepared remarks, noting that polls showed continuing declines in the trust of institutions ranging from Congress to the media to higher education and even college sports.

So, he told the crowd, the NCAA can’t waste any more time.

“The dilemma for us, here, as we try to deal with the challenges and issues of college sports are that we tend to feel like we’re being picked on or someone’s taking shots at us or it’s not us, it’s that other school,
adidas torsion trainers Emmert expects to see quick changes in college basketball
” Emmert said. “It’s a little too convenient. It’s a little too easy. The reality is some of the criticism is justified. Some of the criticism has a kernel of truth in it even if we don’t like it. And we have to look that straight in the eye.”

adidas tour 360 golf shoes Education Newsmakers

The following continues the list of Kiwanis Club of Traverse City Students of the Month for the week of Jan. 23:

Michaela Staffin is a first year student at Interlochen Arts Academy studying classical voice performance. Staffin participated in varsity swimming, varsity track and field, skiing, cross country, opera and orchestra. She received All State Academic Swimming and Diving Team Award and academic and varsity letters. She is the grand champion pen of laying chickens in the Berrien County Youth Fair. She maintains a 4.0 GPA and plans to attend DePauw University’s School of Music for a double major in voice performance and pre medicine. Her goal is to become an opera singer and/or pediatric surgical oncologist.

Evan Schumacher is a third year dance student at Interlochen Arts Academy. Schumacher co founded the Interlochen Christian Fellowship and mentors for the Academic Center for Enrichment. He performed in many plays including “Rodeo,” “A Choreographic Offering,” “Company B,” “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty.” He received the Hildergard Lewis most improved dancer award and academic achievement in English, leadership and dance. Schumacher plans to double major in dance and philosophy and minor in cognitive science at Southern Methodist University. Wolfington, a wide receiver, garnered the Outstanding Receiver Award.
adidas wiki Education Newsmakers

infant adidas tracksuit End of the Rabbit

think this is one of the greatest advances in over 150 years of Maya archaeology, said Stephen Houston, Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology at Brown University.

Mr Houston told the BBC that after decades of work in the archaeological field, he found the magnitude of the recent survey He added, know it sounds hyperbolic but when I saw the [Lidar] imagery, it did bring tears to my eyes.

Spanning an incredible 347 kilometres (216 miles) of subterranean caverns, this branching, sunken labyrinth isn just a natural spectacle it also an important archaeological find that could reveal lost secrets of the ancient Maya civilisation. He and 64 other young Germans had done well in a government run competition designed to encourage students to pursue scientific research.

In Horn’s case, it worked. Last summer, as a 22 year old Google cybersecurity researcher, he was first to report the biggest chip vulnerabilities ever discovered. The industry is still reeling from his findings, and processors will be designed differently from now on. That’s made him a reluctant celebrity, evidenced by the rousing reception and eager questions he received at an industry conference in Zurich last week.

Interviews with Horn and people who know him show how a combination of dogged determination and a powerful mind helped him stumble upon features and flaws that have been around for over a decade but had gone undetected, leaving most personal computers, internet servers and smartphones exposed to potential hacking.

Other researchers who found the same security holes months after Horn are amazed he worked alone. were several teams, and we had clues where to start. He was working from scratch, said Daniel Gruss, part of a team at Graz University of Technology in Austria that later uncovered what are now known as Meltdown and Spectre.

Horn wasn’t looking to discover a major vulnerability in the world’s computer chips when, in late April, he began reading Intel Corp. processor manuals that are thousands of pages long. He said he simply wanted to make sure the computer hardware could handle a particularly intensive bit of number crunching code he’d created.

But Zurich based Horn works at Project Zero, an elite unit ofAlphabet Inc.’s Google, made up of cybersleuths who hunt for day vulnerabilities, unintended design flaws that can be exploited by hackers to break into computer systems.

So he started looking closely at how chips handle speculative execution a speed enhancing technique where the processor tries to guess what part of code it will be required to execute next and starts performing those steps ahead of time and fetching the required data. Horn said the manuals stated that if the processor guessed wrong, the data from those misguided forays would still be stored in the chip’s memory. Horn realized that, once there, the information might be exposed by a clever hacker.

this point, I realized that the code pattern we were working on might potentially leak secret data, Horn said in emailed responses to Bloomberg questions. then realized that this could at least in theory affect more than just the code snippet we were working on. started what he called a process of further investigation that led to the vulnerabilities. Horn said he was aware of other research, including from Gruss and the team at Graz, on how tiny differences in the time it takes a processor to retrieve information could let attackers learn where information is stored.

Horn discussed this with another young researcher at Google in Zurich, Felix Wilhelm, who pointed Horn to similar research he and others had done. This led Horn to what he called big aha moment. The techniques Wilhelm and others were testing could be to force the processor to run new speculative executions that it wouldn’t ordinarily try.

Grey hats were always a valuable part of the hacker community. They may sometimes cross ethical lines, but unlike black hats they’re in it to learn, not to make money. A black hat might intend to steal credit cards and resell them online. A grey hat is just interested in smart new ways to gain network access.
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The far reaching research study offers a 360 degree analysis of the market crosswise over different unequivocal elements, including market share by segmentation type, cost analysis, market effect factors, and marketing strategy and promoting methodology.The 2017 version of the Global Electronic Skin market report provides important statistics related to the overall market and price forecast over a five year period, from 2017 to 2025. In this segment, the experts have offered essential information which relates to the production and consumption forecast for the major regions that the market is categorized into, production forecast by type, and consumption forecast by application.Along with the distributors/traders, the report gives a nearby perspective of some essential viewpoints, for example, marketing channel and market situating. Under marketing channel, the analysts have given a clear comprehension of direct and indirect marketing and significant marketing channel development trends. In like manner, the market situating area involves some essential points, viz. Estimating procedure, mark technique, and target customer. By application and product type, the market is divided into three segments each, whereas on the basis of geography, the report studies North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA) as the leading regions. In terms of application, the market is analyzed according to the consumption and market share and consumption growth rate for the review period 2011 Considering the different types of Electronic Skin, the report evaluates the market by market share, revenue, price, and production growth throughout the same period. By region, the analysts have examined the market with regard to the supply, import, export, and consumption factors.The manufacturing cost analysis depicted in the immeasurable, yet exact distribution has offered a solid examination of the key raw materials in the Electronic Skin Market, other than their suppliers, market concentration rate, and price trends. Purchasers of the report additionally have admittance to the manufacturing process analysis and cost structure, including raw materials, labor cost, and manufacturing expenses. With the steadfast research discoveries and conclusion exhibited in the report, report purchasers can acquire help with settling on educated business choices and take the prescribed way for business development in the Electronic Skin market. Each of these players is studied in the report using selective company profiling, which decodes their production, revenue, price, and gross margin and evaluates them based on salient determinants such as product type, application, specification, manufacturing base, and rivalries.Our vast repository of research reports across various categories gives you a complete view of the ever evolving trends and current topics worldwide. Our constant focus is on improving the data and finding innovative methods, which will help your business drive profitable growth.The research methodology is designed to cater all your research needs which is backed by exclusive quantitative and analytics driven intelligence. It consists of primary and secondary methods which is a testimony of the information comprised. The meticulous and distinct data gathering methods are in line with the highest standards of data mining in the industry.
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adidas americana ECU inks AD Compher to five

GREENVILLE, Pitt County East Carolina University has extended the contract of athletic director Jeff Compher by another five years, while also giving him a raise, the school reported Tuesday.

Compher’s new contract will run through April 2023 and was approved Tuesday by the University Board of Trustees. His base salary was increased to $435,
junior adidas gazelle ECU inks AD Compher to five
000. Compher was first hired to a five year deal in 2013.

“Jeff Compher continues to demonstrate the kind of expertise and competitive spirit that will make all of our programs national powers,” ECU Chancellor Cecil Staton said in a press release. “That’s where Pirate Nation expects to be, and I’m delighted he’s agreed to lead our athletics programs to even greater goals.”

Compher’s four year tenure has seen the addition of a 20th varsity sport women’s lacrosse set to begin next year, a record breaking year of fundraising by the Pirate Club and a 10 year all sport sponsorship contract with Adidas,
junior adidas gazelle ECU inks AD Compher to five
among other accomplishments.

adidas predator absolute Empire Outlets opening delayed until fall 2018

For the second time, the opening date for Empire Outlets being built on the St. George waterfront has been pushed back, the Advance has learned.

Now, New York City’s first outlet mall boasting more than 100 designer outlet retailers, a 190 room hotel and a number of restaurants is scheduled to open in fall 2018.

Initially set to open on Black Friday 2017, the opening date was pushed to March 2018 earlier this year to better coincide with the opening of the NY Wheel, which was being built adjacent to the outlets site.

While that project remains in limbo after the NY Wheel developer fired its contractor in May, the outlets delay has been chalked up to too much interest in the project from retailers.

“In the months following the New York State Attorney General’s settlement with the operator of Woodbury Common, Empire Outlets has had a great deal of new interest from well known retail and entertainment operators, as well as food and beverage purveyors, all negotiating for space in New York City’s first outlet center,” said an Empire Outlets spokesman.

In August, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced a settlement with Simon Property Group that prohibits Simon owner of Woodbury Common outlets center from using anti competitive tactics to prevent the development of competing outlet centers in New York City.

“This opportunity to broaden the retail program at Empire Outlets is a win for all New Yorkers who are ready to enjoy a world class shopping and dining experience on Staten Island’s North Shore. We look forward to announcing our final tenant lineup in early 2018,” said the spokesman.

He said that because of the increased demand, the project owners and developers,
adidas originals the sneeker Empire Outlets opening delayed until fall 2018
BFC Partners, are weighing all of the options.

“In order to effectively manage the increased demand for the remaining space at Empire Outlets, and to ensure that all tenants, including our new prospects, benefit from a single grand opening, we are shifting the opening date to fall 2018,” said the spokesman.

“We are excited about planning a grand opening weekend that will introduce Empire Outlets as one of the city’s finest and most dynamic destinations for residents and tourists alike. As the first key component of Destination St. George, we’re looking forward to opening for business,” he added.

The most recent lease signed with the Empire Outlets was Wasabi Steak Sushi. That restaurant will join Empire Outlets’ diverse group of dining options, including Shake Shack, Two Boots Pizza, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, Nathan’s Famous and MRKTPL a 12,723 square foot artisanal food hall with a 3,000 square foot outdoor dining space and more than 30 food concepts.
adidas originals the sneeker Empire Outlets opening delayed until fall 2018

adidas hamburg trainers EFL defends ball after Pep Guardiola criticism

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“The entertainment provided across last night’s ties would suggest that the ball is not having a negative impact,” read an EFL statement.

Sergio Aguero, who is one goal away from becoming City’s all time leading scorer, missed several chances from open play.

He scored City’s final penalty in a 4 1 shootout win, the game having finished 0 0 after extra time.

“If we played with a different ball he would break the record,” said Guardiola. “To score with that ball is a miracle.

“It’s not Nike, Adidas I don’t know, it’s a different brand. It’s unacceptable to play with the ball.”

Nike balls is used in the Premier League, while Adidas balls are used in the Champions League.

“It is not a serious ball for a professional game,” said Guardiola. “I can say that after we win. If we don’t win and I say that it is an excuse.

“We get one day or two days [to use it in training] but if a ball is bad it is bad two days, one week, one month, one year, two years. If it is bad, it is bad.”

The EFL statement continued: “The Mitre ball used in this season’s Carabao Cup is of exactly the same technical specification as the balls used in the Sky Bet EFL and Checkatrade Trophy, all of which are tested in accordance with the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs and meet the FIFA Quality Pro standard.

“All balls used in the professional game are required to meet this standard.

“We will look to engage with Mr Guardiola and Manchester City to fully understand any concerns in advance of their round five tie.”
adidas black and white superstar EFL defends ball after Pep Guardiola criticism

adidas gazelle red End Retail Technology Overhaul w

Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Aptos, Inc., a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced that WSS, a Los Angeles based premier athletic specialty footwear retailer, has successfully deployed Aptos Singular Commerce platform in the cloud to support authentic customer engagements and the expansion of its store footprint to new markets.WSS selected Aptos end to end technology suite to support its continued growth while staying true to its commitment to respectful and authentic customer engagement. The full implementation, which took less than a year to complete, included Aptos solutions for point of sale, order management, customer relationship management, merchandising, sales audit and digital commerce.”Our partnership with Aptos Singular Commerce platform allows WSS the opportunity to deliver an exceptional omni channel experience for our customers, right down to the last detail,” said Rick Mina, WSS president. “Our customer centric approach to retail, and now omni channel, allows our customers to interact with the WSS brand seamlessly, whether in store or online,” adds Mina.”WSS is greatly pleased by the considerable effort and dedication from the Aptos team in working together with WSS to deliver a near seamless rollout in a relatively short time frame,” said WSS CFO Jeffrey Porter.”Retailers such as WSS that have business models based on customer centricity with deep roots in local communities are highly effective in building customer loyalty,” said Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO and culture leader. “We are grateful for the trust WSS has placed in Aptos, and we are excited to support WSS as it continues to expand its retail footprint.”About Aptos “Engaging Customers Differently”In an era of virtually limitless choice, sustained competitive advantage only comes to retailers who engage customers differently by truly understanding who they are, what they want and why they buy. At Aptos, we too, believe that Engaging Customers Differently is critical to our success. We are committed to a deep understanding of each of our clients, to fulfilling their needs with the retail industry most comprehensive omni channel solutions, and to fostering long term relationships built on tangible value and trust. More than 1,000 retail brands rely upon our Singular Commerce platform to deliver every shopper a personalized, empowered and seamless experienceno matter when, where or how they shop.Aptos, the Aptos logo, “Engaging Customers Differently” and “Singular Commerce” are trademarks of Aptos, Inc. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners. The product and service offerings depicted in this document are produced by Aptos, Inc. doing business in neighborhood based stores. Consumers trust WSS for the best brands, greatest values and largest selection of athletic, dress, fashion and casual footwear for the entire family. WSS large store format enables us to showcase thousands of styles from top name brands like Nike, Jordan, Vans, Converse, Adidas, Puma, Skechers, Timberland, etc. In addition, WSS carries high quality private brands augmenting the breadth of selection to deliver amazing value to our customers.Founded in Southern California in 1984 by entrepreneur Eric Alon, all WSS stores feature a unique retail format that displays every style and size allowing customers to browse on their own terms, in a hassle free environment, engaging the friendly and knowledgeable sales staff when they choose. The success of this business model has allowed WSS to continue its rapid expansion into new markets.WSS is committed to giving back to the communities they serve, partnering in over 350 local events each year.
adidas firebird tracksuit End Retail Technology Overhaul w

adidas ladies shoes Eleven Nebraska startups that could be the next big thing

Nebraska is not California. Omaha is not San Francisco. This sounds glaringly obvious but sometimes entrepreneurs in the Midwest get caught up in proving that we’re the same as any other startup scene in the country.

But we’re not and that’s okay! It doesn’t mean we don’t have big ideas here. It doesn’t mean there’s no tech leadership here. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t build a disruptive tech company here. The Silicon Prairie may not have the same quantity of startups as Silicon Valley, but we have just as much quality. You just have to know where to look.

Nebraska has actually been pretty good at creating a startup and building it into a billion dollar company. Did you know that the Omaha company ACI invented the ATM’s software that you still see each time you use an ATM? Despite its spectacular demise, many people forget that Enron was created when the CEO of Northern Natural Gas (an Omaha company) decided to merge his startup company with Houston Natural Gas. Inacom was a Fortune 500 company (albeit briefly) meaning Omaha has had 6 Fortune 500 companies. West, Kiewit, Mutual of Omaha, Solutionary, TD Ameritrade, Sojern all got their start in Omaha. We just haven’t started one in while. Well, that is changing.

We here at CAN sometimes take for granted all the cool companies and people we work with every day. In our building alone, there is a collaborative incubator filled with fast growing tech startups, multiple small companies, and not one, not two, but three code schools. While we know of this amazing ecosystem, sometimes we forget that a lot of people in Omaha and Nebraska don’t even realize this startup niche even exists.

Our community needs to know that Nebraska is a place to brag about. While certainly not the hotbed of entrepreneurialism as Boston, New York, and San Francisco, we do have success stories that we can be proud of. And we think we’re about to have a few more. If successful it tends to grow rapidly and is usually founded by forward thinking and innovative people. Stereotypically, these people are young college grads who are trying to apply their education in a new way, but the truth is that a lot of startups begin by professionals who have worked decades in a field. This means that by definition, a startup is a new idea, built to change the world (or at least their part of it).

The Big Four

Any list of the top startup companies in Nebraska must include the Big Four. They are successful and well known outside of the startup ecosystem. At this point, they are all established in their respective industries and have begun scaling their products. They are (in no particular order):

Flywheel Flywheel got started back in 2012 by Dusty Davidson and is now a premier WordPress hosting company for designers and artists.

Hudl The leading software company for coaches and athletes (and doing some amazing data science work), Hudl was founded by David Graff, Brian Kaiser, and John Wirtz in 2006.

BuilderTrend BuilderTrend is a residential construction cloud system founded in 2006 by Dan Houghton, Jeff Dugger, and Steve Dugger and is one of the largest non VC funded software companies in the US.

Bulu Box Bulu Box provides you weekly box, filled with cool new samples to try, delivered to your doorstep with an easy online setup. It was founded in 2012 by two UNL grads, Paul Jarrett and Stephanie Jarrett.

It’s easy to forget but these companies were all much smaller startups a few years back. They show that with the right product and people you can build a successful tech company in Nebraska. But you didn’t read this far to hear about the companies you already know. Without further ado, here are:

Eleven Nebraska startups that could be the next big thing

Kojuba Kojuba was the brainchild of James Rolfsen back in 2015. What is Kojuba and what makes it a startup to keep tabs on? We let Rolfsen answer this:

“Have you ever worked in a group of some kind and at the end of the project, the wrong people got the credit for doing the work? We all have. This represents what we call an “inefficiency of performance assessment.” The “social contributions” that individuals make to a team are extremely difficult to delineate and almost impossible to quantify. Kojuba solves this problem. We analyze the behaviors and relationships of employees in organizations in order to paint a precise picture of how work gets done. Sound like magic? Fortunately, it is not. (I’m not sure if magic is scalable.) It is a proprietary combination of network science and machine learning that gives us the power to see inside the soul of organizations and to deliver actionable guidance to our corporate customers.”

Ulytic Ulytic was founded in 2015 by Billy Martin, who has an impressive background in marketing. Ulytic is a video processing platform that “allows traffic engineering and data collection firms to quickly upload footage and receive highly active traffic count reports with lightening fast turn around.” No more trucks taking traffic counts by clicker for three hours, one day a year and extrapolating out that info to be the traffic pattern for that corner every day. Now you can capture real numbers for all times of days, for all days Including things like concerts, football games, school plays, and carnivals. You now can collect real data on events without extrapolation of anything. The funny thing is, they already have the cameras, we are just providing a way to use them instead of a person.

LifeLoop “Keeping you in the loop of your elderly family member”. The idea for LifeLoop came from a personal situation of Amy Johnson, who founded the startup in 2015. Their mission is as follows “Our number one goal is to improve the care and overall experience of residents living in senior living communities. they believe this involves creating and fostering great relationships between community staff, residents, and the residents’ families, which results in personalized care and attention.” With calendar management, resident tracking, and a family portal, LifeLoop is certainly living out its mission.

Bric Bric is quantifying work. Through capturing data on work, projects, skills,
womens adidas superstar Eleven Nebraska startups that could be the next big thing
and financials, Bric knows what issues companies are having, the true abilities of their people, and which teams work best together. Today they are using this data to help teams maximize their time and talent; however, in the future, they will use this information to recommend products, services, and provide clients with coaching. They are creating a digital business consultant that knows everything about your business, your industry, and can use this to recommend solutions that work. No longer will you have to rely on a consultant’s personal experience or education but can learn from your own company and industry.

Decision Logic Ryan Mackis the current CEO of Decision Logic, which began in 1998. Originally designed for Applebee’s, today this restaurant management software serves over 50 brands. The software itself is special because it gives managers a much needed, one stop shop to go see where their money goes, manage the outliers, uncover trends in sales and preparation, and manage staff and ordering. To date, the software has saved its restaurants over $37.5 million in food and labor costs. And that’s just the appetizer (see what I did there?). Over the next few years, they are adding prescriptive analytics and data visualizations that no one currently in the industry has or offers.

Quantified Ag Quantified Ag is a little different than our traditional tech startup, but perfect for our eco system. They are in a new field called Ag Tech something Omaha does very well. We talked directly to the CEO, Vishal Singh. Here’s what he told us about his startup, and the field he works in:

“Quantified Ag is a precision livestock analytics company located in Lincoln, NE. Think FitBit for cattle! This makes the beef supply better by providing feedlot workers with the tools to identify sick animals sooner and more accurately. Through early detection, Quantified Ag’s technology helps dramatically reduce costs by lowering re treatment rate and death loss and getting animals back to peak performance faster.

“I feel fortunate that my company is working on a transformative idea in beef livestock production. According to the NE Beef Council, “it’s the state’s largest industry and the engine that powers the state’s economy.” Our state also ranks as one of the top beef cattle producers in our country and exports beef beyond our borders.”

Dynamo At the peak of their careers with a Fortune 500 company, Michelle Wingard and Brody Deren left their careers as regular recruiters to develop something completely different a new way to recruit and place that focused on quality over quantity. Their mission is to not fill a role with a body that matches a check box, but instead to match openings with people that match each other. Their goal is to get it right the first time. One placement, done. Dynamo is succeeding in discovering news ways of expanding the tech field with a focus on better instead of more.

Gazella Wifi Eric Burns started Gazella Wifi in 2015 as an automated marketing tool for restaurants and businesses think fishbowl filled with cards, but without the cards, and without the fishbowl. When customers log in to use the store’s wifi, Gazella is able to capture valuable customer information and provide it back to the owner for use in marketing and sales. Easy to use and customize, Gazella has helped countless restaurants grow their social media reach and customer marketing lists. Their next trick is to provide feedback to the business owner as to which customer would react best to which offer rewarding behavior and driving sales in areas the store owner wants.

SOLVE Stephanie Sands of SOLVE spoke to us about her startup’s unique platform. She says: “SOLVE is changing the way companies develop and implement their “people strategy.” The most successful companies recognize that investing in their employees will boost their bottom line. Handing out gift cards, buying a ping pong table, or changing the dress code won’t suffice anymore and especially with the new generation of workers. (Centennials, not Millennials). The key is understanding your workforce, and SOLVE can help you get there. With a background in Organizational Psychology, our team helps companies understand human behavior in the workplace using theory, research, and data to inform best practices. We partner with companies to increase the accuracy of hiring decisions, develop effective leaders, and create great cultures to engage and retain top performers. We also help ensure that those strategies are aligned, consistent, and connected to their culture. Our team provides results focused services/tools and ongoing, customized support to ensure people problems are SOLVED.”

Median Median is the newest company on the list, founded only last month (June 2017), but its two founders, Ben Stevinson and Derek Homann are excited about their new venture. Median is a customer service platform specifically designed to make real time support chat as fast as possible. It has built in custom screen sharing technology that doesn’t require end users to install any special or clunky software. It makes service easy for agents as they can immediately get on the same page as the people they’re helping, instead of wasting time either trying to explain a screen to a customer or a customer downloading a piece of software so they can see their screen. It fundamentally changes the conversation of research and trying to understand what someone is telling you to one of diagnosis and problem solving. As a beta tester, this one is truly helpful and a much needed addition to anyone’s toolbox.

Retail Aware Retail Aware is a joint collaboration of three already successful entrepreneurs Preston BadeerandKeith Fix. They are capitalizing on the newly forming IOT space by providing a new way to collect and use data in the retail space. Especially designed for owners of multiple locations (think franchisees), it gives them a way to see and understand previously untrackable data. Using sensors owners can test marketing effectiveness of store layout, product placement,
womens adidas superstar Eleven Nebraska startups that could be the next big thing
and new store experiences. They can even A/B test in different stores. The results are given by the minute and displayed in well designed dashboards.