adidas top letes a hit at Super Bowl LIVE

MINNEAPOLIS The Kitten Bowl is here in Minneapolis and it’s already proving to be the purr fect event for any cat lover.

The Hallmark Channel will broadcast Kitten Bowl V this Su purr Bowl Sunday. They’ve already filmed the game and those kittens have been adopted. However, it’s the first year the Kitten Bowl has become a live attraction during the week of the Super Bowl. Every kitten is available for adoption.

Located in the Dayton’s Project building on Nicollet Mall, there are three different scenes on display: The football field, the purr king lot for tailgating and the locker room.

The purr king lot includes a mini Stone Arch Bridge and a mice cream truck. The locker room has names displayed on the cubbies such as Brett Furve and Mew Brees.

“They’re just so playful. I just want to cuddle all of them,” said Kassandra Vilchis of Minneapolis.

More than 50 kittens are a part of the live attraction. So far, more than 100 applications have been submitted requesting to adopt those kittens. There are also nine cats with Minneapolis Animal Care and Control up for adoption and there have been 30 applications on those nine cats.

North Shore Animal League America is the world’s largest no kill rescue and adoption organization. Since the first Kitten Bowl, they have helped more than 13,000 cats find homes through Kitten Bowl parties the weekend of the Super Bowl.

“A lot of these kittens that we’re using in this year’s Kitten Bowl were actually rescued from Hurricane Irma. North Shore Animal League America and myself included. I went down to Florida. We ended up taking back over 100 cats and kittens because they were just displaced by the hurricane,” said Matthew Carroll, associate director with North Shore Animal League America.

“My husband is an official play by play announcer for the Kitten Bowl so that’s big stuff and really excited to be able to promote not just this show but the awareness of what’s happening with kittens across the country. It’s so important. So very important to make sure these kitties get homes,” said actress Holly Robinson Peete.
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adidas samba trainers Amtrak train on wrong track collides with freight train

In this image from video, train cars are smashed and derailed Feb. 4, 2018 near Cayce. The crash left multiple people dead and dozens of people injured.

weren supposed to be meeting like that, clearly,” South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said. “It appears that Amtrak was on the wrong track. He said the CSX train seemed to be on the track it was supposed to be on.

The CSX train was parked on a side track when the Amtrak train slammed into it at about 59 mph, McMaster said.

Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher identified those killed as Michael Kempf, 54, of Savannah, Ga., and Michael Cella, 36,
adidas gazelle green Amtrak train on wrong track collides with freight train
of Orange Park, Fla. Kempf was the Amtrak engineer and Cella was the conductor, she said.

Speaking reporters, Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson said the signal system was not operational and the train’s movements were being managed by a CSX dispatcher when it rear ended the freight train. Although the train was behind schedule, it was not speeding to make up time, Anderson said.

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt said a critical question investigators were looking into was why track switches in the crash area were “locked and lined” in a position that took the Amtrak train off the main track, where it struck the CSX train.

“For whatever reason, the switch was lined and locked to divert traffic to the side track. The key to this event is to learn why that (switch) was lined that way,” he said.

Sumwalt said a forward facing video recorder from the Amtrak train had been recovered and shipped to Washington for inspection. He said investigators were still searching for event data recorders from both trains. Data from those devices could indicate whether the Amtrak train braked before the impact, he said.

Sumwalt said the speed limit for passenger trains in the area is 59 mph.

Amtrak train collides with CSX freight train in South Carolina

He said 145 people were on the Amtrak train. That figure includes 136 passengers and nine Amtrak employees, including Kempf and Cella. Passenger injuries ranged from scratches to broken bones,
adidas gazelle green Amtrak train on wrong track collides with freight train
Lexington County spokesman Harrison Cahill said.

One of the injured was in critical condition, and two were listed as serious, with the rest having minor injuries like cuts and bruises, said Steve Shelton, Palmetto health director of emergency preparedness.

know that they are shaken up quite a bit, and this is unlike anything else they ever been through before, Capt. wanted to get them out of the cold, get them out of the weather. were in the upper 30s at the time of the collision. February 4, 2018

McMaster described the freight train engines as “all torn up,” and the Amtrak engine as “barely recognizable” from the impact.

Sam Rodriguez was a passenger on the Amtrak train, traveling from New York to Tampa with his mother. Rodriguez described “shaking from the back” of the train,
adidas gazelle green Amtrak train on wrong track collides with freight train
then smoke and screaming.

“I said: ‘Ma, you all right?'” he said. “‘Don’t move.'”

He said that his mother had a leg injury.

He said he helped a child get back to its mother after the crash and then tried to help another child with a head injury.

“Everything’s a disaster,” he said, describing piles of twisted metal and overturned toilets as he tried to move around the train after the crash.

President Trump “was briefed on the train accident in South Carolina and is receiving regular updates,” deputy White House press secretary Lindsay Walters said.


About 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled at the scene, Becker said. Hazmat crews were dispatched, and the spill was being contained. There was no threat to the public, he said.

The Red Cross set up an emergency shelter at a nearby school to assist with the injured, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter.
adidas gazelle green Amtrak train on wrong track collides with freight train

adidas porsche design shoes Anglins fuelled Kingston’s waterfront

Floating in large rafts, the stockpile of logs rose and fell, rippling with the waves of the Rideau River. The logs were bound for sharp saw blades, which would slice the raw wood into boards at Brewer Mills. Watching and helping, two boys absorbed the sawmill trade at the side of their Irish immigrant father, Robert Anglin. Later, S. Anglin Co. was a leading local source of fuel for heating and power.

Clearing wilderness land parcels, pioneers chopped down thick forests. Forwarded to the sawmill, the timber was cut and planed into useful lumber and fuel. Open year ’round, the mill at Brewer one monster gang saw with 48 upright saws in the frame, 3 circular saws and one run of stones, wrote William G. Anglin,
adidas manchester trainers Anglins fuelled Kingston's waterfront
quoting Robert W. Anglin 1859 essay, Family Story. ( from Ireland to Canada, Kingston 1995). worked as toll gate keeper, and then bought his own sawmill in Battersea. In 1863 he took 20 year old Sarah Frances Baker as his bride, and they became the parents of eight children. brother Samuel became his partner at the busy mill. and Samuel sold the Battersea mill after seven years to their cousin William J. Anglin. and S. Anglin Co., they bought a sawmill on Kingston industrial waterfront.

Situated at the mouth of the Cataraqui River at Wellington and Bay streets, mill is fitted up with a surface planer and a planer and matcher, each capable of turning out about 10,000 feet a day with assistance of three men, quoted Anglin from the Kingston Whig Standard, June 5, 1984. A 20 horsepower engine provided the power to operate the machinery,
adidas manchester trainers Anglins fuelled Kingston's waterfront
including lumber slitting machine sizing lumber, making furring etc. a few years, the company expanded to coal sales for heating business and homes. The coal piled in high stacks on a shoreline lot. Anglin sold an enormous 250,000 tons a year of the soft carbon rock. Serving industry as well as residents, Anglin supplied coal to Queen University, the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital, the paper mill at Strathcona and other large facilities.

The location of Anglin was a boon for shipping and receiving. Supplies of coal arrived by vessel, timber was delivered in large rafts and by ship. Anglin, R. Crawford, Soward Coal and other firms received deliveries of the solid fuel at Kingston. ship these large quantities of coal one can imagine the constant arrival and departure of coal schooners at Kingston many coal docks, writes Henk Wevers in Coal Was King: The Nineteenth Century Kingston Water Works. (Sowards was later purchased by Anglin.) A transportation alternative materialized in 1875 when the Kingston and Pembroke Railroad sliced through the centre of the Anglin property, leaving the mill on the south side of the tracks and offices on the north. constructed a set of row houses on Bay Street;
adidas manchester trainers Anglins fuelled Kingston's waterfront
his family occupied an end unit in the mid 1870s. The Anglins acquired four lots on the corner of Union and Albert streets in an auction for $830, noted William G. Anglin, a down payment of $83 and nine equal annual payments with interest at 6%. built a spacious three storey brick home for his family at 169 Union Street West. (The residence is still standing.)

Named Hedgewood, the home was appointed with fine furniture and decor. son Bert in Remember. 1870, Samuel Anglin married Harriet Phillips. The Anglins purchased the Meagher house at the corner of Wellington and Barrack streets in 1876 and raised a family of five sons and three daughters. The beautiful stone home cost a pretty penny for the time $1,700. The Anglins lived in their downtown home until Samuel passed away in 1920 and Hallie in 1921.

Astute businessmen, the Anglins incorporated mechanical advancements into the operation. A steam engine controlled by a trained engineer initially powered the milling equipment. As technology advanced, a more compact, cleaner energy source became available. Charles Anglin [son of Samuel] came to the conclusion that the firm should install electric motors to generate power. Mr. Anglin remarked, father was skeptical at first, but he finally said, leave it to you,
adidas manchester trainers Anglins fuelled Kingston's waterfront
son. However, he liked the change fine, wrote Erma Pense in the Kingston Whig Standard on Feb. 8, 1956. Samuel was also a long term member of the Public School Board. As chairman in 1886, he had the honour of laying the cornerstone of Central Public School on Sydenham Street. A man of faith, Samuel was a member of Sydenham Street Methodist Church, participating as board chairman and treasurer for many years.

In the early 1950s, soft coal was deemed unacceptable as fuel. Again adapting to modernization, Anglin became suppliers of petroleum and heating oil. To meet the needs of local customers with new oil furnaces, the firm built several enormous white storage tanks on their property. Realigning the business to focus only on fuel, Anglin stopped the sale of lumber in 1979.

S. Anglin Co. passed through several family generations until it was sold in 1998 to TriHeat Energy. Renamed TriHeat Anglin Energy Supply, it was located on John Counter Boulevard. Sold again,
adidas manchester trainers Anglins fuelled Kingston's waterfront
the firm is now under the Rosen Energy Group.

Though the buzzing of Anglin dynamic sawmill no longer echoes, the family name remains a prominent feature on Kingston waterfront with Anglin Bay. Other Anglin branches have left their mark on Kingston as well, such as Cecilia Anglin Millinery Shop, and Lockmaster Robert Anglin home at Kingston Mills all fascinating moments to discover in the future.

jeremy scott adidas An Overland company finds a way

Priced from $7 to $12 a pair, the shoes are expected to begin hitting Walmart stores next fall and into spring 2015. shoe industry sent most its manufacturing work abroad. Missouri, once a major center for footwear production, has also seen that part of its economy mostly disappear. But a handful of shoe companies still call the St. Louis region home.

One of them is Elan Polo International, a $300 million company whose corporate headquarters is tucked away in an Overland office park, where about 100 people design shoes and oversee global production and distribution. An importer since its inception in 1976, the company’s biggest customers includes Walmart and Target among its big customers. It supplies the shoes sold under the private labels of both major retailers. After all, the economics didn’t seem to make it viable, with labor much cheaper in countries such as China. is made overseas, according to the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America.)

But that quickly began to change last year when Walmart began challenging its suppliers to find a way to bring more production stateside. The push was part of a commitment by Walmart to buy $50 billion in American made merchandise in the next 10 years. The pledge came after years of criticism of the retailer for selling so many imported goods from low wage countries. that could still be competitively priced with imports?

Joe Russell,
adidas golf belt An Overland company finds a way
Elan Polo’s co chief executive, said in a recent interview that the whole initiative would have been a “nonstarter” without Walmart’s encouragement. “It certainly seemed as though it would be a daunting task, however, with solid support from Walmart, it also seemed as though it could be a doable deal,” he said.

So how did the company do it? It decided to tap into a certain kind of shoe production injection molding that requires little labor. Rising fuel prices and labor rates in China have also helped close the gap.

Now they are in the midst of setting up a factory from scratch in Hazlehurst, Ga., for which they will hire about 150 workers eventually as many as 250. Production is expected to begin in late February or early March. initiative was tantalizing to many Elan Polo employees, who cross several time zones to make several trips to China each year to inspect production, Russell said.

“It’s amazing everybody raises their hand when I say,
adidas golf belt An Overland company finds a way
‘Are you ready to go into American footwear?’,” he said. “When you say, ‘Who wants to go to Guangdong?,’ there are no hands raised.”


This initiative is especially notable in that many “Made in the USA” initiatives involve higher priced goods for which consumers might be willing to pay more.

“You rarely see the low end of the market with ‘Made in the USA,'” said Marshal Cohen, a footwear analyst for NPD Group. “It’s just so difficult to compete. . But if anyone’s going to be able to make it work, Walmart certainly can. But he said added that most consumers would be hard pressed to name them: Timberland, New Balance, Red Wing.

“I think there’s an interest and people who are on the fringes who are trying to make a way, but I would not call it a groundswell yet,
adidas golf belt An Overland company finds a way
” he said.

Part of the problem, Powell said is that making shoes is such a labor intensive process.

“Most athletic shoes in America are complicated and include many steps,” he said. do not and amid fuel price increases the economics could begin to make sense. He added that duties are placed on imported shoes but not on the materials to make shoes. So companies such as New Balance can save a percentage of the cost by importing shoe parts instead of completed products. Besides, shoe parts take up less space than individual shoe boxes, so companies can save on shipping costs too.

In any case, domestic production of competitively priced shoes could be compelling with shoes that require a simpler production process, Powell said.

“It makes sense that products that are mostly machine made could migrate here,” he said.

Injection molding entails pushing ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA, into a machine through a mold. Under Elan Polo’s setup,
adidas golf belt An Overland company finds a way
people will be needed mostly just to run the machines and trim the products.

“The more we looked at it, the more it became evident that we would essentially have to start this from the ground up,” Russell said.

adidas under armour America’s tallest man

‘If I were that tall,’ you might be thinking, ‘I’d surely make a fortune playing basketball.’ But it’s impossible to play basketball when your feet, clad with ill fitting shoes, are unable to support 7’8″ worth of girth.

That’s the problem confronting Rochester resident Igor Vovkovinskiy, who has resorted to collecting Facebook donations in hopes he can finally pay for custom made shoes.

Chronic foot problems have been exacerbated by ill fitting shoes. Vovkovinskiy, a college student taking online classes, has had 16 foot surgeries and uses an electronic wheelchair to get around his Rochester home. He recently created a “Shoe Donations for Igor Vovkovinskiy” Facebook page to help him raise funds for surprisingly expensive custom made shoes.

I am 7′ 8.33″ tall, and I haven’t had a proper fitting pair of shoes for more than 6 years. No matter what company I write to, or how many friends of mine ask companies to help me with my shoe dilemma, nobody wants to help if there is no benefit for them. Reebok recently told me, that the scan of my feet and a custom mold of my feet will cost about $16,
adidas originals uk America's tallest man
000. They won’t do it otherwise. I thought I could do commercials for the shoe company that helped me get some proper footwear, but apparently I am not a desirable candidate for commercials. We have written to Oprah, Dr. Phil, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Ac360, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Reebok, Adidas, Nike,
adidas originals uk America's tallest man
Converse, Red Wing Shoes, Basketball Players, WWE Wrestlers, Basketball Coaches, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, The Daily Show, Science Channel, National Geographic, Bill Maher,
adidas originals uk America's tallest man
President Obama, Michele Obama, and others, and nobody has ever responded with any offer to help. So now I turn to the public as a whole. I have endured 16+ surgeries on my feet because of bad shoes. I am now recovering from the last set of surgeries, and I still don’t have shoes to wear. I have 1 pair of clogs, they are shapeless shoes, with no traction on the bottom, I cannot go out in them in the winter time, they have no arch support, they rub my toes, my legs, feet,
adidas originals uk America's tallest man
hips, and back hurt terribly when I walk in them, and wearing them further will do nothing but lead to more pain and suffering.

adidas uk shop And UConn Shouldn Be Surprised

Hamidou Diallo isn’t showing up for the spring semester at UConn.

The good news for UConn fans is their existing basketball team evidently is.

On a weekend when UConn lost out on one of its highest recruited targets ever, the Huskies turned in their most complete performance of the season with a 64 49 rout of Central Florida Sunday at the XL Center.

There was strong ball movement. The Huskies, who entered on a four game losing streak in which they shot under 37 percent, hit 47.4 percent against one of the top defensive teams in the nation. Amida Brimah and the Huskies negated 7 6 Tacko Fall and held a UCF team that had won five in a row and 12 of 15 overall to 33.3 percent shooting.

It has taken too long, far too long by the high standards set by their predecessors. But UConn emerged from the rubble of the shattered season and looked regenerated Sunday, looked like a UConn team again.

Moving the ball around with confidence and conviction, shooting with body language that exuded.


Rodney Purvis, who has struggled mightily throughout the season with his shot, found his three point stroke early and finished with 17 points.

The Huskies, playing uninspired on some nights and short handed because of injury every night, are 6 9 overall and 1 3 in the American Athletic Conference. One inspired victory does not call for handstands and hallelujahs, of course, and at this point UConn’s NCAA hope hinges on winning the AAC Tournament at the XL Center in March.

Yet it also would be a mistake to believe Diallo, the electric five star recruit from Putnam Science Academy who announced on Saturday that he is enrolling immediately at Kentucky, would have saved UConn’s season. He wouldn’t have.

John Calipari is the kingpin of using one and done players to his advantage. Once he locked into what UConn was trying to do, he sold the same path and was nearly impossible to beat. Bring in Diallo at midseason at Kentucky, develop him and let him loose on the college world next season?

adidas retro trainers And UConn Shouldn Be Surprised
Welcome to Lexington, Mr. Diallo.

Nobody put in any more work than UConn associate head coach Glen Miller did on recruiting Diallo. Years of it. Kevin Ollie coached Diallo with the USA Basketball U 18 team. These guys have been out to see Diallo play more than anyone. Ollie said he still couldn’t comment on Diallo, but, of f course, there has to be a level of disappointment.


“Hamidou told me he is redshirting and the reason why is he doesn’t want to start right away at Kentucky and not be ready for college basketball which he is not and he knows,” Putnam Science Academy coach Tom Espinosa said Saturday night. “Learning all the plays, etc., he doesn’t feel like he’s ready. And, honestly, I think he feels it would hurt his NBA stock, not being prepared, not looking good, not playing well.”

There have been so many projected scenarios for Diallo, a shooting guard. He’s eligible for the NBA draft this year and, no matter what is said or written here, there are some who prefer to believe he still could go that way this spring.

“Obviously a lot of things can change,” Espinosa said,
adidas retro trainers And UConn Shouldn Be Surprised
“but his plan is to go to Kentucky next week, finish out the spring semester, stay up there in the summer, take classes, work out, go to school and play 2017 18 and enter the 2018 NBA draft.”

The most immediate question, even more immediate than his draft status, is where does Diallo’s game stand right now? What does he most have to work on?

“Consistently making shots,” Espinosa said. “His strength is when the game is up and down in the open court. When you get in the half court, slow the game down, that’s when Hamidou struggles. With us, A. he’d take bad shots. B. he’d miss a lot of shots.

“It’s also maturity on the court. People ask me what are you going to do without Hamidou? We’ve been playing without Hamidou for the last two years. He has been in my doghouse at times. Discipline issues, he hasn’t played. He has been in foul trouble a lot, missed half the game. We’re used to playing without him. We are going to be fine.”

Espinosa pointed to a key moment in a Final Four game at the national prep championships last season.

“A guy caught the ball in the high post, Hamidou was closing him out, in a stance, and then he just reached,
adidas retro trainers And UConn Shouldn Be Surprised
” Espinosa said. “He got called for his fifth foul with three minutes to go. If he was mentally tougher, more mature, he’d close him out contain him.”

I trust and respect Espinosa. Trust him and respect enough to send my own son to play for the second team at his Putnam Science program. He gives it straight. His coaches run a tight ship.

“Hamidou is a freak athlete,” Espinosa said. “Gifts God gave him, not many people have. But at the same time, there’s a lot of guys who are 6 5, 6 6 who are athletic who can’t shoot. He has got to separate himself. He has taken too many days off, especially this fall with us, not getting better. He has so many tools, but he has to get so much better, work harder every day and be mentally tougher.”

Diallo’s thinking evidently is he’ll work out diligently at Kentucky and practice with elite college talent to improve. Yet at this point in the season, with so many games filling the schedule, how hard can a team go at it in practice through March?

“I told him the bottom line is how you perform on the court at Kentucky [in games],” Espinosa said. “That’s when you get evaluated. They’re going to be competing for a national championship. They’re going to be busy playing. So he has got to want to do it himself.

“He’s passing up 25 games with us to ‘work on his game.’ That was my big argument. We do skill work during the day. Our gym is open all the time. To be honest with you, we were disappointed with him in that regard. He told us he didn’t want to lift during the season, because it would mess up his shot. He wasn’t in the gym enough.”

Espinosa said this wasn’t from Diallo but from some others. To be honest, I’ve heard some of the same things from sources.
adidas retro trainers And UConn Shouldn Be Surprised

adidas running top Amundsen TMs personal diary from the Northwest Passage launched in the Canadian Parliament

Amundsen personal diary from the Northwest Passage launched in the Canadian Parliament

A special english edition of Roald Amundsen personal diary from the Northwest Passage was launched at the Canadian Parliament on 1 June 2017. The special one volume edition was made by the Fram Museum at the request of the Norwegian Embassy in Canada as the official gift from Norway to Canada In connection with Canada 150th Anniversary and the celebration of 75 years of diplomatic relations between Norway and Canada.

500 copies of Amundsen diary will be given to libraries and relevant organisations all over Canada. 100 copies follow the 150 day Canada C3 expedition from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage.

In a formal ceremony in the Library of Parliament, both the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Commons received a leather bound copy of the diary on behalf of Canada. The Speakers then handed the diary to the Chief Librarian of the Parliament.

From the left: The Honorable George Furey Speaker of the Senate, Ms. Sonia L Parliamentary Librarian, The Honorable Geoff Regan Speaker of the House of Commons, Her Excellency Anne Kari Ovind Ambassador to the Kingdom of Norway Geir O. Kl Director of the Fram Museum.

The speech by the Honourable George J. Furey, Speaker of the Senate of Canada

Monsieur le Pr Votre Excellence,Honorables s et d Madame L Distingu invit Mesdames et messieurs.

Je vous remercie tous de votre pr parmi nous ce matin. C un grand honneur pour moi de vous souhaiter la bienvenue cette c From the Norse sailors who explored Newfoundland and Labrador a thousand years ago,
adidas marathon 10 Amundsen TMs personal diary from the Northwest Passage launched in the Canadian Parliament
to current collaborations in many areas arctic affairs, promoting security and human rights, and spurring entrepreneurship, research and education Canada and Norway histories are closely intertwined.

Bound together by common values, by common geography, and by common challenges, our two nations have much to offer each other.

There is perhaps no better personification of the value of mutual cooperation than the great Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.

Amundsen credited his successes not to any extraordinary courage though he undoubtedly possessed more than his share but to careful planning based on research,
adidas marathon 10 Amundsen TMs personal diary from the Northwest Passage launched in the Canadian Parliament
experience and teamwork.

The traditional knowledge he gleaned from the Netsilik Inuit in a place now named after his vessel, Gjoa Haven, Nunavut would allow him to overtake the British team led by Robert F. Scott, in his journey to the South Pole.

In his account of the race to the South Pole, Roald Amundsen made a statement which remains relevant to this day:

must always remember with gratitude and admiration the first sailors who steered their vessels through storms and mists, and increased our knowledge of the lands of ice in the South. En tant que nation arctique, le Canada est fier de poursuivre son h de recherche et d’exploration.

(As an Arctic nation,
adidas marathon 10 Amundsen TMs personal diary from the Northwest Passage launched in the Canadian Parliament
Canada is proud to carry on his legacy of research and exploration.)

Since 2003, the Canadian Coast Guard has operated the CCGS Amundsen, a research icebreaker which has now travelled over 10 times the circumference of the earth, having accommodated over 1,500 researchers and other professionals from 20 different countries.

Our two nations recent signature of the Arctic Council Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation heralds an era of enhanced research cooperation.

Nous reconnaissons tous l de pr les travaux de Roald Amundsen pour le bien public.

(We all understand the importance of preserving Roald Amundsen works for the public)

In light of his legacy, we commend the Fram Museum for their meticulous restoration of the Gj Roald Amundsen credited the beneficial relationship between his team and the Netsilik Inuit to early gestures of friendship and goodwill.

In his autobiography, Amundsen observed how people can communicate without a common language.

He observed that convey meaning with astonishing accuracy.

It is in this spirit that I express our thanks to Ambassador Ovind and to Mr. Kl for this gesture,
adidas marathon 10 Amundsen TMs personal diary from the Northwest Passage launched in the Canadian Parliament
the gift of a special edition of Roald Amundsen diaries.

These diaries will serve as a symbol of the shared history and longstanding friendship between our countries.

Alors que nous c les 150 (cent cinquante) ans de la Conf saluons le 75e anniversaire de nos relations diplomatiques.

(As we celebrate 150 years of Confederation, let us also salute the 75th anniversary of our diplomatic relations.)

adidas trainers women Angry words over artificial turf in Lower Macungie

Home News Lehigh Valley Berks Area Southeastern PA Poconos and Coal Region Western NJ US World News 69News at Sunrise Inside Your Town Espanol FBI Probe In Case You Missed It Recalls Wanted by Police Missing Persons Get a copy of a news story

Russia says it has successfully tested advanced hypersonic missile

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Phantoms Beat Devils 5 3

Phillies Reportedly Agree to Deal with Jake Arrieta

State Tournament Schedule for Next Week Anderson, Sasso among local 3A state champs Reading High, NDGP among winners in state hoops Clymer, Haubert win state gold

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Oprah’s advice for 2020 candidates

Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ to premiere at SXSW

Oprah’s advice for 2020 candidates Oprah says Parkland activists remind her of civil rights icons ‘Black Panther’ to cross $1B worldwide Rachel Dolezal’s son says he resents some of mom’s choices in documentary

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LOWER MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. Anger flared about plans to install artificial turf fields in Lower Macungie Township at Thursday night’s township commissioners meeting.

One resident was not pleased with a commissioner who dismissed her request for information about the project as “just smoke and mirrors.”

Two other commissioners argued about the accuracy of information one of them was offering about the project.

Three of the five commissioners support using $3.3 million in the 2015 township budget to install two synthetic multi purpose athletic fields in Quarry Park.

Commissioners will vote on that budget during their next meeting on Dec. 18.

Commissioner Ron Beitler drew an angry response from Commissioner Brian Higgins when Beitler said: “With Quarry Park,
adidas junior Angry words over artificial turf in Lower Macungie
we’re locking ourselves into redoing the field in 10 years at a huge capital cost.”

Interrupting him, Higgins said: “Mr. Beitler, I would just caution you to put out actual facts.”

“Let’s just have one at a time,” said Ryan Conrad, president of the five commissioners,
adidas junior Angry words over artificial turf in Lower Macungie
as he attempted to stop his two colleagues from both talking at once.

The angry outbursts were surprising on a board that usually manages to maintain civility despite differences at least in public.

Beitler also angered Higgins when he said East Penn School District “is doing it right now” on its nine year old artificial turf field “and we’re all paying for it.”

Said Higgins: “I do take offense at people putting things out there as facts that are inaccurate. It’s the responsibility of all of us to educate ourselves properly and to make sure that what we say is accurate.

“To just blatantly say something that is factually incorrect, I have a serious issue with.”

When asked to explain, Higgins told Beitler: “You said we’ll have to replace this field in 10 years and that the school district is doing it right now. Both of those are factually incorrect.

“The school district told us in a meeting that they expect another four to five years out of their current field.”

Said Beitler: “The fact is we are locking ourselves into redoing the field at some point. That is a fact. Whether it’s eight years, 10 years or 15 years, we’re going to have to spend upwards of $1.5 million plus to redo the field.”

When the synthetic fields project for Quarry Park first was presented during the Sept. 18 commissioners meeting,
adidas junior Angry words over artificial turf in Lower Macungie
consultant James Lynch said synthetic fields must be replaced after 10 to 15 years and that their manufacturers typically offer eight year warranties.

adidas tiro An update on the area’s road construction projects

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) Construction season is in full swing, and a couple of projects around the area are making traffic a little difficult for some drivers.

As many drivers know, Highway 53 by Exit 3 on Interstate 90 is undergoing a major project.

“In a couple of weeks, we will be closing Palace Street, which is currently open, and when we close up Palace, we can open up Moore Street, Winterton said.

Across the pike on Highway 14/61, work on the road that connects La Crosse and La Crescent will soon be complete.

“We now starting to put in the striping and the lines, and that a good sign that the project is almost done. Hopefully folks that use this and motorists use this roadway. Notice it a little smoother, and now it will keep it. The lifespan of the roadway will last a little bit longer, said Minnesota Department of Transportation public affairs coordinator Anne Meyer.

Officials said the pavement will be much safer come this fall.

“New pavement is going to be there, and overall mobility of traffic is going to be increased, Winterton said.

“They might not have to see us as often in terms of construction, Meyer said.

The Exit 3 project also involves work on George Street.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials said the intersection by the old McDonald location will also be partially opening soon to allow traffic here into Bridgeview Plaza.
adidas hightops An update on the area's road construction projects

all white adidas trainers American Bandstand Tribute coming to Clatskanie

youth culture, and the Clatskanie Arts Commission is paying homage to the legendary program.

The CAC is hosting the Portland Musical Theatre Company’s production of “Rock, Roll Remember,” a tribute to both “American Bandstand” and the music of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s on Sunday, Sept. 24.

The show will feature five performers zipping through more than 40 hits, from Elvis to ABBA, in a 90 minute, fast paced revue including one actor playing a host similar to “Bandstand” emcee Dick Clark.

According to Arts Commission spokeswoman Elsa Wooley, this is the first time the organization has worked with a Portland group, and they hope to continue this partnership.

Wooley said the show came to Clatskanie after a couple of residents saw “Rock, Roll Remember” in Portland. They suggested it to the arts commission. From there, a partnership was born. “We have a stable of programs that are family friendly and affordable, so we hope that this is just the beginning (in Clatskanie).”

Maio, 40, said she grew up with the latter years of “American Bandstand.” She said Dick Clark is a legendary icons deserving of his own musical revue.

“It’s the first reality show,” Maio said of “American Bandstand.” “Before ‘Survivor,’ ‘Amazing Race’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ there was Dick Clark. He helped coin the term ‘teenager,’ and gave them the first show that was just for them. I just want to pay tribute to someone who helped create what rock n’ roll was and wanted to spread hope and joy.”

Maio promised that audiences will enjoy themselves at “Rock, Roll Remember.”

“We know our audiences have a lot options for entertainment, so we really want to respect and honor that and make sure that every moment, they’re feeling entertained.”
adidas originals t shirt American Bandstand Tribute coming to Clatskanie