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This resource is a primary ( secondary educational video from ABC Splash. Imagine a job where you have to dance on the tips of your toes! Ballerinas do this every day and they have to train hard in order to learn the correct technique. There’s quite a difference between what the the audience sees them doing on stage and the way they prepare for performances. How would you apply these terms to the dancing and movements you saw in the clip?What techniques do dancers use to ensure they can keep dancing en pointe throughout their careers?

Do some research on classical ballet. When did it begin? What is the language of most ballet terminology?What other types of dance are you aware of? How does the movement used in classical ballet differ from the movement used in other types of dance?Create a list of safe dance practices for another style of dance with which you are familiar.

Shot of Juanita Phillips introducing article from news desk in studioJUANITA PHILLIPSFor ballerinas,
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dancing en pointe is arguably the most difficult technique of their art to master. Now the Australian Ballet is revisiting the 180 year old production that changed classical dance forever.