best adidas running shoes Keep politics out of the NFL

The NFL is a franchise, a private business. Each has an owner, general manager, coaches and players. When you are one of these NFL “employees” you abide by the regulations set forth by the National Football League, and the team owner. By doing so, you do not have the constitutional rights you would have off the field. Your First Amendment right to express your political views are suspended just as, for instance, Jason Garrett (head coach of the Dallas Cowboys) cannot express his Second Amendment right and carry a firearm into AT Stadium and wear it on the sidelines.

Last year when Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem it was clearly a political expression, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell allowed it,
adidas track pants Keep politics out of the NFL
and continued to allow it in proceeding games. It wasn’t an oversight. Yet Goodell wouldn’t allow the Cowboys to wear a sticker on their helmets following the murder of five Dallas police officers. Yet he fined players for wearing Beats headphones during pre game, instead of the officially sanctioned Bose, and fined Robert Griffin III two times for wearing Adidas T shirts (not Nike) during pre and post game interviews. But he did nothing when Kaepernick wore pre game socks depicting cops as pigs.

NFL coaches and owners and news media continue to press the false idea that the players have a First Amendment right while on the field and, thus, Kaepernick has the right to take a knee. He does not. But if this political statement is allowed, why don’t other players hold up signs during the anthem saying, “I am a patriotic American and stand for the flag and anthem?” This is also a First Amendment right.

It’s sadly ironic that many players are multimillionaires for throwing or catching a ball, yet they disgrace the flag in the name of racial inequalities, and some do nothing off the field to correct this. Their weak attempt at creating unity has created division. I’m afraid that boycotting games isn’t going to change Roger Goodell’s mind. His salary ($34 million in 2016) will hardly be affected. He needs to be replaced with someone who will keep politics out of the NFL.
adidas track pants Keep politics out of the NFL