adidas running shorts Kathy Griffin doesn’t get to complain about being bullied

She also wants us to know that the Secret Service is, as a result also interested in her which would be the first time in years anybody’s been interested in her.

Griffin claims she is being bullied by the Trumps because both Melania and Trump’s tribe of kids have come out against her for posing with a red, bloodied, dismembered head of the head of their family, who also tragically happens to be the head of the country.

Thing is? If you pose with a fake severed head of a father and husband then you don’t get to whine afterwards that his family is “bullying” you about it.

Isn’t posing with a grotesque fake head of someone you hate a giant bullying move in itself?

Kathy Griffin: Trump family is ‘trying to ruin my life’

Distraught over the headless backlash, Griffin hired attorney to the annoying Lisa Bloom, who can sniff out a camera faster than a detection dog can smell a grenade.

Maybe a dog would be more helpful to Griffin at this point than a mouthpiece because man! her career’s bombing like a B 52.

Griffin, for whom no publicity is bad publicity, said, “If you don’t stand up, you get run over.” Yes, that’s true. She did stand up while holding the severed head.

Then, “What’s happening to me has never happened in this great country. . is personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

Photographer defends image of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s head

Comedians who have gone too far

Who is she? Trump? Who thinks that anything has never happened in the history of the United States before? Everything has happened at one time or another.

This is exactly what Trump would say. It’s like the battle of the bad hair narcissists.

But Griffin’s not just self obsessed, she clearly doesn’t even know history. There’s never been a sitting president who tried to ruin people?

Can someone bring in Nixon’s Enemies List?

Anderson Cooper ‘appalled’ by Kathy Griffin’s Trump photo

And remember Monica Lewinsky, Jaunita Broderick and Kathleeen Willey?

Oh, and Trump’s own role model, rageaholic Andrew Jackson slave trader, slave driver and ethnic cleanser of Native Americans, which began with his Indian Removal Act.

So really, in the scope of ah, history, a couple of family tweets isn’t the same, as say, removing 16,000 Cherokee, which resulted in the deaths of at least 4,000.

Then, in an incredibly bad turn of phrase, numbskull Griffin said of the President: “He picked the wrong redhead.”
adidas swim shorts Kathy Griffin doesn't get to complain about being bullied