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Starting with the popular Scarborough Fair, displaying splendid full voice sound, softening to hushed tones with a smooth melodic line, it was an excellent opener, setting the stage for what was to come.

In a program filled with so many winners, it is hard to pick out the best ones, but a few come to mind as being exceptional.

Morning has Broken had some truly glorious singing; Paru parong captured the lilting quality and had a clear descant; Blowin’ In the Wind was graced with clear, pure ladies’ singing, followed by a great full choral sound.

A song by the men alone featured powerful singing, mainly unison and two part, sung with great gusto. The ladies feature was characterized by a change into a somewhat edgy tone, well suited to the piece.

My favourite, however,
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was the closing number, Praise His Holy Name, sung with great rhythmic abandon, complete with hand and body movement, and a strong, lusty choral sound. It was the complete package.

The combo helped make this one come alive, as they did for the entire evening

The only minor flaws were a little pitch problem, and some over amplified solos, but this did not detract from the overall performance.

What sets this group apart can be attributed to a number of things: well chosen repertoire, their firm grasp of each different musical style, memorized scores, the attention to dynamic details, and the shaping of phrases from soaring to hushed.

They really enjoy performing which was evident from the way they live the music.

Even the soft, slow numbers had an undercurrent of excitement.

At the end of this spectacular, enjoyable evening we gave them a much deserved standing ovation,
adidas porsche design Kelowna's Spectrum Singers getting better all the time
prompting them to repeat the final number to our great delight.