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attention to what’s under the hood during the cold. but experts are reminding you to keep up on the outside as well. your car’s exterior still needs some t l c in the winter. that’s because salt from the road can cause some issues with the metal on your car. that’s if it’s on for too long. 08:41:29,09 “it can corrode,
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cause damage to the under side of your vehicle. but it also can get on your rims. things like that. people don’t necessarily think about and actually could do some pretty good damage if you don’t keep it clean on a regular basis.” experts say you should wash your car on a regular basis, even in the winter months. pay close attention to the car’s wheels and undercarriage. those are the parts that attract salt,
adidas gazelle yellow Keep your car salt free
and sand which can corrode metal if left on for too long. [e3]frozen leaf pick up vo although snow and ice are on the ground right now