adidas predator accelerator Kawal Shoor launch ad agency The Womb

Both quit Ogilvy India in April last year.

Navin Talreja and Kawal Shoor, who had quit Ogilvy Mather in April 2015, have launched a new ad agency called The Womb. At the time of their exit from Ogilvy, Shoor was the national head of planning, while Talreja was president at Ogilvy.

The agency has an interesting talent pool which includes anthropologists and clinical psychologists as part of its planning cell. It also claims to have about 20 resources from companies such as Leo Burnett, Accenture, Publicis, Ogilvy, Synapse, Quipper Research, and Famous.

Some of the big names associated with the agency include Kavita Kailas, ex CSO, Rediffusion Y who joined the agency as senior strategic partner, Vinay Venkatesh, former digital creative head,
adidas astro turf Kawal Shoor launch ad agency The Womb
Law Kenneth, Nikhil Mehrotra, ex Leo Burnett, and Brijesh Parmar, who was earlier with Contract.

Speaking about the venture, Talreja and Shoor say, “The Womb is a place that nurtures an understanding of human nature into brand platforms, content, products and services. We work with all companies that put a big platform at the heart of their marketing communications. However, we are not keen to work with companies with long tails in marketing departments. We are a senior heavy, depth seeking, elite force and we don’t have the lazy luxury of armies at our end tackling armies at clients’ ends. We want to work with senior people (irrespective of organisations) who are hungry for success, and seek equal partners, and not vendors.”

The agency has come out with campaigns such as Fogg’s ‘Kya chal raha hai? Fogg chal raha hai’, GlamUp’s anti fairness spot,
adidas astro turf Kawal Shoor launch ad agency The Womb
‘I am not the fairness type’ and Fogg Black’s ‘Party Parinda’. The agency is also helping out Saregama with strategies to monetise its assets which cover seven decades of Indian film and devotional music. The campaign for Red Chief Shoes from the RSPL Group will be unveiled in February.