adidas kicks Let’s define needy and greedy

Dec. 25 is soon upon us and, as I write this, I have no intention of being the Grinch who stole Christmas, but I need to speak up about being told where I should be spending my money this holiday season and when we say needy people, I think we need to examine the definitions of needy and greedy.

People who smoke and/or drink, most certainly do not fall into the category of a needy person. Many good people collect from the government each month and it is for many different reasons, but among the welfare community there are many good and decent and honest people and families out there and they have been let down horribly by these charity organizations and that is wrong.

You hear about the derelicts in town just raving on how great their Christmas dinner was. These people have more money than most and you know what they do between January and December with their money. If they want a teddy bear for their child, they can buy one at the dollar store for less than the cost of one can of beer.

In fact, an alcohol and cigarette buyer could go out and buy a toy for a needy family, don’t you think? If they have $50 to spend on a case of beer a week before Christmas, how come they are entitled to a $50 Christmas hamper from the Christmas Amalgamated and free toys for their children?

I know a pack of smokes costs $10 and if you imagine just $10 a month from January until November, you can see a smoking person has $110 to buy a present for their child.

Why should we pay $3.11 for a person who smokes, drinks, makes poor choices and does not look after themselves or show concern for another person, but themselves to be allowed to sit at a table and partake of a turkey dinner when there are good decent deserving families here and they are getting a bowl of Kraft dinner for Christmas and their child got diddle squat?
adidas watch Let's define needy and greedy