adidas uk sale online Lending hand to Betsey Johnson and Kari Sigerson

Plus, the Queens born sole man recently bailed out a few fabulous friends iconic New York designer Betsey Johnson, who filed for Chapter 11 this year, and Kari Sigerson, half of the famed Sigerson Morrison designing duo, who were fired from their namesake brand in a business deal gone very, very bad.”My original intent was to give them advice as a friend, and we were able to work together,” says Madden about Sigerson. “And I’m a huge fan. Always was a huge, huge fan.”Madden, 55, says 7B, Sigerson’s new line, will hit Barneys early next year.Not surprisingly, he’s also a huge Betsey Johnson fan and believes firmly in her creative vision, not her ability to balance a checkbook. Johnson will remain the creative head of the label, while Madden and his team of math whizes will work on the numbers.”Betsey Johnson is going to be bigger than ever,” he says. “She’s a legend. She should be getting awards from the President like Tony Bennett and Gregory Peck. She’s an American icon, an original.”While most of his customers are into studs and simple, military style black boots right now, Madden is thinking about reintroducing clogs to his collection.”I’m sort of excited about bringing back wooden clogs. They haven’t been popular in a while, and I saw some stuff down in SoHo, some trendy girls wearing some stuff from Sweden that I thought was really cool,” he said. “I’m going to do a whole collection of clogs.”
adidas vespa trainers Lending hand to Betsey Johnson and Kari Sigerson