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We also requested to review all bylaws and minutes of the SSP meetings. Their reply to me did not address these specific requests, instead just an overall general reply, therefore, I believe that they will not follow the lawful Rules of the Act.

I believe that truth, honesty and transparency must be strictly followed if SSP is to achieve their estimated goal of 10,000 members within the next 47 days. Why not be transparent, because that is exactly what many residents stated in 2015, about the City of on the Skaha Lake Park issue?

RDOS ignores hazard in

“Are you prepared” submitted by RDOS chairman Mark Pendergraft is a joke right, similar to having an earthquake kit strapped to one’s behindfollowing a person wherever they go just in case?

How many RDOS directors including Mark are prepared with kits readily available night and day?

The unknown is hard if not impossible to predict, be it earthquakes, floods or fire asmost humans would agree.

The RDOS turned a blind eye to my recent letter suggesting the possibility that could be victim of fire.

Isubmitteda letter about aproblem here in ofa fire hazard that isabsolutely predictable, as seeing is believing, but sadly Mark the problem isn’t in your backyard, so why care?

As far as the sadness and devastation inFort McMurray, it wasn’t the heroic fight by the valiantfiremen that tried todouse the flames and save the town as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have us believe. Words of comfort were more like it. It was Mother Nature pure and simple as the fact is, the fire decided to change direction with the help of nature’s windand still apparently rages on.

Dome built by American firm

It there is one thing that has remained constant with all City Council’s the past couple of decades it is the mantra, “Shop Local”.

Yet council seems to have trouble following its own recommendations. A good case in point was the awarding of the Adidas Sports Complex to a now defunct company based in Arizona.

What investigation into this company did Council do before awarding this contract?

I heard the Arizona company had little experience in the field.

How could a company in Arizona be expected to have the knowledge to build a bubble in that could withstand our varied weather. Ask any homeowner: Everything costs twice as much when you have to do it twice; allow it to deteriorate (many municipal buildings) or sell things you need elsewhere at give away price. We just gave the PIB 10 per cent of the Casino grant. I guess people in Prince George know a good deal when they see one.

Add lack of tendering of the lighting contract at the SOEC. Was the Sportsplex tendered? How many companies bid on the Sportsplex? What were the bids? Who specifically did due diligence of these bids to ensure feasibility; company reliability and plan integrity? If a bid was tendered on the Sportsplex why were tendering rules ignored for the subsequent SOEC lighting contract?

According to a recent statement by the Mayor, $250,000 represents a one percent increase in taxes for the residential taxpayer. This is 8 to 9 per cent increase in taxes and that is not taking into account deteriorating municipal buildings.
adidas superstar Letters to the Editor 7