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Congratulations. You won the election. No one predicted it not the pundits, the pollsters, or anyone else for that matter. You ran your campaign on your own terms, and you broke the mold. Campaigns may never be the same again. That was a monumental achievement. But now you face a sobering task: how do you govern, and what do you do now? Right now there is probably much frenzied activity at Trump Towers. I’m sure it’s probably easy to get lost in the forest due to such a frantic pace. But if you don’t mind some advice from the Pennsylvania hinterlands, here are a few suggestions.

Let’s start with the people who voted for you. You won 26 of the poorest 30 States. Your voters were white, working class individuals without a college education. Only 28% of these people voted for Hillary Clinton (Time November 28, 2016). They put you over the top especially in traditionally democratic States like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan (New York Times, November 9, 2016). In short, they brought you to the big dance. They were desperate for help. Globalization, deindustrialization, and technological development had taken their middle class jobs. They felt that the traditional Democratic and Republican parties had abandoned them decades ago. Then they heard your message and it resonated. They came out in droves to support you because you gave them hope.

These are your supporters, and they are in bad shape financially. And they are not your traditional Republican voters. Which brings up an interesting dilemma for you as you build your Presidency: Do you adhere to traditional Republican orthodoxy,
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or do you develop policies to help those voters who brought you to this big dance? If you decide to do the former, you can stop reading here. Just call Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan, and they’ll tell you what to do. However, be aware that much of their advice will not help your working class voters. Instead, if you want to dance with the people who brought you, here are some suggestions below.

Infrastructure development this was your big idea in the campaign. You are advocating for one trillion dollars to improve our roads, bridges, airports etc. However, you will probably run into the problem of paying for this. Please do not drop this idea. Consider public private partnerships or coax companies to return the trillions of dollars that they are retaining abroad in exchange for a one time 10 15% tax. In short, find the money because this initiative can help your voters.

Public housing you are a real estate developer. Also, why not design a tax code that favors profit sharing for workers? In short design policies to put money in the hands of your working class voters.

Raise the minimum wage the minimum wage has not been raised since 2009. Would raising it to $10/hour break the bank? We seem to have no trouble agreeing to hefty raises for CEO’s. Can’t we do at least a little bit for your voters?

National service why not expand national service options for young people whose families can’t afford college? In exchange for every year of national service, a young person would receive a year of tuition reimbursement at a public university or community college. These young people would gain some needed job experience (albeit at very low wages) helping in homeless shelters, community centers, health clinics, or other public programs. In exchange, they would receive an education and some hope for a future.

Health care you have promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Yet it’s a good bet that many of the 20 million people enrolled in this program voted for you. Do you really want to throw them off the program and deny them health care? A better option may be to develop an improved program and retain the expanded Medicaid program a program that your voters depend on.

Medicare and social security these are the two major safety nets for older voters who supported you. However, your Party’s platform states that both of these programs would be better in private rather than government hands. You have stated that you support these entitlement programs. You should continue to do that despite the coming pressure to dismantle them.

Mr. President elect you will need to be the one to represent your voters. I suspect that the people in Armani suits traipsing into Trump Towers to see you are not advocating for them. So they are depending on you alone. Please don’t let them down.
adidas running shoes Letters To Editor