adidas gazelle black and white Liberals’ promised cap on deficits worthless

In Canada, there have been left wing governments, made up of Liberals or New Democrats, that have been more conservative with spending than Conservatives.Then there have been the more typical, of the socialist breed, that run a large deficit, borrow money, spend more, borrow more, run another large deficit, then call an election and hope the Conservatives are elected to clean up the mess. Then, after the tough decisions have been made in time, blame the Conservatives, wait for the next election and promise the moon.It has worked so far, and we apparently buy into it.Canada, and the provinces, invest more heavily in debt that one day will come calling, and those several generations yet to come will be confronted with the effect of our irresponsible ways.Richard Stewart said he experimented with the one suit gig to bring attention to the double standard society has for women’s wear on the job.This is nothing new the double standard, that is. It has been a challenge to women in politics, forever, to appear professional, yet not overdressed and still able to be in style.Men in politics are seldom judged by their clothing, but women are constantly one of life’s realities.Shall we also mention age, weight, voice, health and when male politicians pursue an issue, they are determined. When female politicians pursue an issue, they are annoying.Politics is considered by many to be a male domain.June 23 is the day when the British vote to decide if they should sail their ship alone and walk away from the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron is fulfilling a promise made in 2013 to allow the people of his country to make the choice of in or out.Pundits say the vote will be close. Economics say stay, nostalgia says go.Now, Immigration Minister John McCallum predicts a total of 35,000 to 50,000 will be accepted by the end of 2016. How about that?A new poll says more than 70 per cent of Canadians don’t want more than 25,000 displaced Syrians.She was sentenced to 18 months last year and ordered to pay $300,000 after her guilty plea to fraud and breach of trust relating to expense claims while serving in the LG role.Good stuff. Perhaps she could help in the laundry.CommentedLetters to the Editor (9): Tuesday, February 13, 2018 (3)High end hotel proposed for Naramata Bench (3)Doping charge could hurt Russia’s chance at reinstatement (1)Corps: Agency worked to inform on Harvey flood risk (1)Failed compost plans cost $400K (1)A look at some reaction to the verdict in the Tina Fontaine case in Winnipeg (1)Sex abuse cases against Jehovah’s Witnesses church settled (1)The 10 best concerts ever staged at the SOEC (and the five worst) (1)City wading into wine disute (1)Saying goodbye after 30 years in the judge’s chair (1)
adidas nizza Liberals' promised cap on deficits worthless