cheap mens adidas trainers Letters to the Editor for Feb

As a fairly new Canadian citizen (after over 40 years), I welcome the (national anthem) change. That being said, I did not mind all thy sons command even though I am a woman. May all be happy for this change and please, please, no one try to take God out of our anthem. God has been taken out of public schools to accommodate new immigrants, what more do they want? They came to this country for a new life. Please do not try to change the laws and foundation of Canada, a great country.

I would suggest to all Albertans the following: the next time you buy any liquor, first read the label. have every right to protest pipeline expansion. Leaks are not uncommon in the Fort Mac area. What are you going to do when a leak occurs in the lower mainland? Say that is too bad, or they should have been quicker to respond? Now you are going to retaliate. during spring, summer,
adidas leotards Letters to the Editor for Feb
fall. Can wait to get out of that wind swept flat land. is Alberta playground. Thanks for sharing and taking our money.)


Funny to see Michelle Obama coming to speak in Edmonton next month. I guess the question is She has done nothing. She is only famous because of her husband. She will do nothing but trash talk President Trump, and repeat meaninglesslefty slogans. What a waste of time.

Iain Foulds

(The nice thing about a free country, Iain, is that no one is forcing you to go.)


I follow Canadian and local politics very closely, and we currently have a big problem trying to get pipelines built. I hear Premier Rachel Notley, and formerSaskatchewan premier Brad Wall lobbying hard for the oil patch and jobs. I have heard Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi also speak very vocal about these projects. I live in Edmonton but have never heard Mayor Don Iveson speak up for the people of Edmonton and other people who work in the Please let Ottawa and Albertans know that you also support the pipelines and jobs for Western Canadians.(Mayor Iveson has publicly supported the Kinder Morgan project.)


There are two giant questions remain that the Edmonton Sun won tolerate. Why are the NDP so math chalenged and why is asking this such a problem for the editor of the Sun? And, why is talking about the NDP 100% failure rate so hard for the editor to let the ordinary folks opine about? You say the NDP don own you, but you sure act like a whipped dog.
adidas leotards Letters to the Editor for Feb