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Whether you like Dexter yager or you dislike him, no one can deny the fact that he is the pioneer which has paved the way for the network marketing world as we know it today. It is because of him and his tremendous vision in years past that entrepreneurs have the ability to market a free enterprise business on the internet.

Now I know that Dexter yager didn’t invent the web (Al Gore did) but he did set happens for entrepreneurs in order to capitalize on the free enterprise system as you may know it in the 21st century using only the internet. All I will say is that little man had tremendous vision, intestinal fortitude, and a will unlike every other entrepreneur.

I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for being able to be afforded the opportunity to pursue my dreams using the free enterprise system. Despite the fact that I’m not affiliated with Dexter by any means, I’m still very appreciative for all that he has done for the network marketing industry.

So what makes Dexter yager so great, why is it that online marketing rockstars like Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd wouldn’t even exist without him?

I know that’s a pretty strong statement for you young folks that might not even know who Dexter is, so let’s step back in time as it were and go into the legend that is Dexter yager.

Dexter yager, also known as Dex, is a tiny little man which has always looked like a grandpa figure. He’s never looked very intimidating from the outset but without a doubt that he is all man and I’d never wreck havoc on him. He is most famously referred to as an Amway icon and being the pioneer and trendsetter for the entire network marketing system as we know it. Now I could be over exaggerating this but you tell me who is a larger icon in the industry than him?

Now I’m a huge fan of Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd, who are like the modern day Dexter’s on the web, but I have to tell you just how they don’t even compare to drawing the icon status that Dex commanded back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Picture this as it were. You’re in a coliseum filled with over 20,000 people, its 2 or 3am on a Saturday morning, you’re exhausted from an action packed Amway convention night and you’re just about ready for bed. But wait! You cannot go to sleep yet because Dex is about to come out. At 2am each morning? You got it! The background music starts to play, the crowd erupts, and this 4 ft nothing guy arrives and creates absolute pandemonium.

For the following 2 hours or for however long he wanted to take, he’d come out and proceed to discuss whatever the heck he wanted. He’d talk about sex, the free enterprise system, politics, and sometimes he’d just ramble about nothing. But nobody cared. Everyone hung on every word that man said.

You could be passed out and have saliva drooling from your mouth due to exhaustion, your subconscious mind willed you to continue hanging onto every word that Dexter yager had to say.

You see folks; Dexter was more than just a multimillionaire Amway leader. He was greater than a public speaker. He was more than just an icon that paved the way in which for millions of entrepreneurs. He would be a symbol of hope. He was anyone to believe in. He was the voice for entrepreneurs within their times of need. People would have given their lives for your man. And some did.

So whether you love Dex or can’t stand him, all I can say is that if you are a successful network marketer that is enjoying the luxuries that this industries brings, or perhaps a brand new internet marketer that’s hopping aboard the Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd train, let no one forget what the man, the myth, and also the legend known as Dexter yager has done for you. Everyone in the multilevel marketing industry owes him a great debt of gratitude.
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