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It is important that you know all about self defense and how to utilize it when the need arises. A flying kick or a karate technique will stop an attacker in his tracks. Learning self defense training will help you to stay focused and collected should you suddenly face a situation that puts you in danger. Important Tips Do not panic. Relax and stay focused and think wisely. When you are faced with a crisis it is important that think and act smart. Your attacker could be on a rush and not really thinking straight. If you are able to talk to the attacker and work your way through with a safe conclusion, try talking the attacker out of the situation. Be calm and try not to aggravate the situation into something worse. Talking it through might work if you stay calm and try to calm the attacker with words. The best self defense mechanism is using your head and avoiding the altercation. Many women carry pepper sprays in the purse or jacket. Stun guns and stun batons are others that are available but generally are not as popular as the pepper spray. It is best that you travel in familiar places and in a group of people. Stay away from less traveled areas especially at night. At least in your stance and mannerisms. Criminals and strangers will prey on those who look weak and vulnerable. Stay confident and look alert and aware. Hold your head high and walk confident. Learning how to defend yourself will teach you the best strategies to use in order to protect yourself from attack by the hands of a stranger. There are several different types of courses that you can take.
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