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Pitt basketball coach Kevin Stallings responded to unruly Louisville fans during the final minutes of the Panthers’ 77 51 loss Tuesday by bringing up the Cardinals’ most recent recruiting scandal.As fans continued to heckle Stallings and Pitt players, Stallings can be heard shouting, “At least we didn’t pay our guys $100,000.”Stallings’ retort was an obvious reference to Louisville’s involvement in the FBI’s wide ranging college basketball investigation, which revealed Louisville, along with Adidas, funneled $100,000 to high school prospect Brian Bowen to convince the five star recruit to sign with the program.Stallings refused to apologize for his comment, instead saying he was simply defending his players who were being harassed by unruly fans.Pittsburgh coach Kevin Stallings wasn’t having it with Louisville fans Tuesday. (Keith Srakocic/AP)”Somebody said something bad about my players. I’m going to stick up for my players,” Stallings said. “I probably said the wrong thing, but I’m not going to let people talk crap about my players. We’re down, the game is over with, you don’t need to insult kids who are out there trying to fight hard and do their best.”
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adidas returns ‘Artist as Maggid’ at Contemporary Jewish Museum considers art

An ambitious exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum imagines the artist as a modern “maggid.” “Maggid” is a Hebrew word defined as “a wandering Jewish preacher whose sermons contain religious and moral instruction and words of comfort and hope.” For the exhibit, 16 local artists drew from various folktales in Howard Schwartz’s “Leaves from the Garden of Eden: One Hundred Classic Jewish Tales.” Through the conflation between artists and maggids, the way in which art is a form of storytelling becomes clear as one wanders from piece to piece.

Though each piece draws its focus from traditional folktales, each subject feels particularly prescient. From considering the role of women in religious tradition to asking what makes a good leader, the exhibit, whether intentionally or not, brings to mind contemporary discussions about the role of women in male dominated areas and probes of modern political leaders.

Julia Goodman’s “200 Year Present” is based on a folktale about a young peasant boy who became king. After his royal ascendance, he would go out to a shed for a period of time each day. Determined to find out what he did alone in the shed, the townspeople discover that the boy would spend a few hours in his peasant rags each day. There is poignancy in the reminder of the importance of humility in leaders, one that was expertly conveyed through Goodman’s use of pulped bed sheets and t shirts to as her medium. Standing in between the two sections of nine sheets, the viewer feels physically drawn into a place of contemplation.

The exhibit also involves a project entitled “Haptic Encounters,” on which Georgina Kleege, a UC Berkeley professor in the English and disability studies departments, collaborated. Kleege was interested in the appreciation of art through senses other than sight. She sought to consider the relationship between blindness and visual art by looking at “qualities such as texture, temperature, weight, resilience, and density that may not be apparent to the eyes alone.” Kleege’s observations illuminate different aspects of the exhibit that one might not otherwise notice the physical, rather than visual, realms.

Though each piece requires careful consideration and contemplation, Andy Diaz Hope and Laurel Roth Hope’s “The Woulds” is particularly mesmerizing. The Hopes’ artwork involves the use of mirrors, wood, ceramics, glass, video, motors and paint. The final product is a collection of silver painted tree trunks reflecting fragments of light light which is produced by the distortion, reflection and inversion of a number of home video clips. This stripping of submitted video clips to an extent that the original images cannot be discerned lends the art a universality rooted in sincerity. The reflected light could have contained any number of video clips and could have featured footage of any and every memory and experience. Just as the mirrors reflect the video, the piece reflects the viewer.

“The Woulds” draws from a folktale specifically about a couple trying to have children, but it seems fitting that it more generally considers themes of family and memory. This folktale also serves as inspiration for Young Suh and Katie Peterson’s “Scenes from a Forest.” This work is composed of a series of photographs featuring a family standing in a forest, spaced apart but clearly together as a unit. The connection between a landscape filled with trees and the depiction of a family tree is obvious, but the pieces also considers the complicated, diverse ways a family tree can grow. The juxtaposition of two pieces that are drastically different yet based on the same folktale is thought provoking, highlighting the way we each uniquely experience and interpret stories.

These pieces provide just a handful of examples that demonstrate the exhibit’s appeal as a whole. The meta consideration of how art tells stories gives the exhibit a sense of self awareness as to the true purpose and importance of museums in the first place.

The exhibit leaves its viewer considering what it means when the same stories visually translate differently for different artists how the same pieces of art can call to mind different stories. The exhibit manages to invoke these questions because of the sheer range of works it includes. The diversity of mediums and interpretations it presents is astounding marking “Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid” as a crucial entry in the tradition of Jewish storytelling.

“Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid” can be seen at the Contemporary Jewish Museum through Jan. 28, 2018.
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zissou adidas ‘Armed and dangerous’ suspect sought in theft at Saanich Centre

to a report of a fight at the Quadra Street and McKenzie Avenue shopping complex, and were informed while heading there that a weapon might have been involved.

It was determined the incident began when a loss prevention officer from London Drugs stopped a man outside the store on suspicion of shoplifting. The suspect pulled out a firearm and fled, going south on the Lochside Regional Trail.

News of what was happening prompted a brief “hold and secure” at nearby Reynolds Secondary School. The hold and secure status requires students and teachers to stay where they are.

Video surveillance images led police to identify 37 year old Michael Godolphin as the suspect. He is described as white, five foot seven and 175 pounds with a shaved head and two tear drop tattoos near his right eye.

He has a written tattoo on the back part of his neck.

Godolphin was last seen wearing black Adidas, straight leg pants with three stripes down the sides, a black T shirt, and black hoodie with white writing on the front.
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adidas beckenbauer trainers ‘Alien pyramid’ over Amherst

According to the Hampshire Gazette, an FAA spokesman James Peter, said: “The only aircraft that was operating in the area was a military aircraft doing practice approaches to Westover (Air Reserve Base).”

The Huffingon Post reports that officials at the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn., responsible for radar monitoring of western Massachusetts, said they detected nothing unusual in the sky above the Amherst Pelham area during the period the UFO was seen.

According to AP, a Westover spokesman first said they have no record of an aircraft over Amherst at the time residents reported seeing the “alien pyramid” UFO.

However, Westover chief of public affairs, Lt. Col. on the evening the UFO was reported. Air Force’s website says a C5 Galaxy cargo plane is one of the largest aircraft in the world and is used to transport up to 270,000 pounds of cargo, from equipment to troops. It has a wingspan of 222.9 feet,
adidas trainers women 'Alien pyramid' over Amherst
a length of 247.1 feet and a height of 65.1 feet and travels around 518 mph.

Residents are asking how anyone could have mistaken a C5 Galaxy cargo plane, one of the biggest and noisiest planes in the world for a silent, “unusually low” and slow flying pyramid UFO. While the C5 could have been mistaken for a diamond or triangular shaped object because of its wings, it is unlikely that observers would have confused the 250 feet long C5 flying low over the sky with a pyramid or diamond shaped UFO, “the size of two or three cars.”

AP concludes: “That does not jibe with a C5, which is almost 250 feet long and extremely loud.”

It is also uncertain how to explain eyewitness reports that the UFO was silent. The C5 engine is very noisy.

According to The Huffington Post, even Lt. Col. Bishop, who came up with the C5 story was puzzled. He said: “There’s just no mistaking that. It’s quite a loud sound and quite a big aircraft.”

The Examiner reports that resident Amy ware, told WWLP 22 News: “If people saw something, they saw something. But I don’t believe that an object in the sky was necessarily or was at all alien.”

Others think it may have been an alien craft. A woman who claims she saw it hovering over her car said it was too silent to be an ordinary aircraft.

The Huffington Post concludes while the Air Force may have noted the presence of a C5 over the Amherst Pelham area at the time the UFO was reported “both the Air Force and FAA aren’t trying to convince the public that the C5 was the low flying, silent,
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diamond shaped object seen in the sky on Jan. 8.”

adidas tote bag ‘Ain’t Too Proud’ stuns at Berkeley Rep

The audience enters the theater to the sight of a large model marquee, headlining the Temptations, as if the 1960s R group themselves are performing. Yet as the show starts, the model lifts up to reveal the group, inviting us to a view of the Temptations beyond the stage.

In the world premiere of “Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations” at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, we’re introduced to the “Classic Five” Temptations as individuals through the eyes of Otis Williams (Derrick Baskin), the last surviving member of the beloved original lineup.

The narrative begins with Otis as a child, having just moved to Detroit, where he, through a series of comical persuasive techniques, eventually convinces Al Bryant (Jarvis B. Manning, Jr.), Melvin Franklin (Jared Joseph), Eddie Kendricks (Jeremy Pope) and Paul Williams (James Harkness) to form the first iteration of the Temptations.

The band is soon plagued by power and ego conflicts, so Al is kicked out, and the “Classic Five” lineup emerges. Otis, as founder of the group, becomes the de facto leader and recruits David Ruffin (Ephraim Sykes). In a testament to Ruffin’s lasting popularity, the audience explodes into cheers of “David!” as Otis introduces him as “our diamond in the Ruffin.”

Mimicking Ruffin’s appearance and smooth yet gruff voice, Sykes explodes onto the stage with flashy dance moves and mic tricks. He imbues Ruffin with a youthful excitement that immediately gains our affection, which endures even through Ruffin’s growing addictions and divisive antics.

A large portion of the musical is then dedicated to cycling through the trials and tribulations of the “Classic Five.” At times, “Ain’t Too Proud” feels more like a concert than a theater production, complete with announcers hyping up the crowd and Ruffin throwing handkerchiefs into the audience. Choreographer Sergio Trujillo creates dance numbers that are wholly reminiscent of classic Temptations moves,
adidas beckenbauer 'Ain't Too Proud' stuns at Berkeley Rep
with additional flares that show off the talented cast.

Yet, despite all the theatrics, the musical is still grounded in narrative. The songs are embedded into the story around them David sings “I Wish It Would Rain” while grappling with a loss and “Since I Lost My Baby” accompanies scenes of the five’s faltering relationships.

Otis frequently interrupts the songs with a rhythmical narration, which drives the story forward but sometimes feels too frequent, cutting short nostalgic songs that aren’t quite done being heard.

Following the tradition of heartbreaking second acts, the latter half of the musical evolves into an exploration of the relationship and addiction issues that followed many members to their exits from the group and eventual deaths.

It’s also where Baskin shines playing Otis, trying to hold the group and his dreams together amid Paul’s alcoholism, Marvin’s health problems, Eddie’s growing antagonism and Motown Records’ control over the group. He’s not a saint though, and Dominique Morisseau writes Otis’s part to reflect that, making his character all the more engaging.

“Ain’t Too Proud” doesn’t shy away from integrating the Temptations’ story into the larger social and political movements of the time. Portraying the Detroit race riots, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination and the Vietnam War, it dives into the responsibility many felt to take a stand, followed by the frustrating pushback from Motown Records culminating in a powerful line where Berry Gordy (Jahi Kearse) of Motown Records exclaims, “The music’s colorblind!” and Otis pleads, “But the world isn’t!”

It’s hard to make it through the second act without tearing up, as the fame takes a large toll on each member of the “Classic Five,” visibly changing the demeanor of those the audience has grown to love. The individual members deliver powerful exit songs as tensions between them worsen. Yet the musical is never too heavy, as it’s littered with delightful musical numbers and amusing banter.

“Ain’t Too Proud” is a fast paced journey through the ups and downs and talents and faults of the “Classic Five” members, not only cycling through their most famous songs, but giving us genuine insight into the people behind the Temptations.
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adidas originals zx 750 Lidl to launch a new affordable fashion range

The discount retailer giant will launch a new women fashion range, including a 14.99 leather jacket, next week.

The German retailer takes on the UK biggest supermarkets including Tesco, ASDA and Sainsburys, all of which also sell their own clothing ranges.

Lidl has sold basic clothing in the past (underwear and childrenwear), but this is the first time it will extend its offering to womenswear. The first collection includes two leather look jackets, a fabric boucle jacket, skinny jeans, denim shirts, ankle boots and casual shoes,
adidas originals swim shorts Lidl to launch a new affordable fashion range
which are available in many colours. Sizes for clothes will range between 10 and 18, and for footwear between UK size 4 to 6.5, and they will come in a variety of colours. A casual pair of shoes, for example, will cost just 6.99.

The collection will land in all Lidl’s 600 stores on Monday. With prices starting from 5.99 and going up to 14.99. The items will be sold alongside the already established non food products selection, on a while stock lasts basis. The retailer suspects the collection will last about a week.

There are plans for a menswear line to follow this initial offering which is set to hit stores on 6 November.

“This is the first time ever that we’ve done such a high end fashion promotion and we’re hugely excited about launching these lines on 25th August. Not only are these jackets bang on trend for this season but they’re also 15 a pop, which is unbeatable value for such high quality,” said Lidl’s Non food Buying Manager.

Although this is a one time collection, a spokesperson of the retailer said: “We are always looking to expand out clothing range with the focus going into 2015 being more on trend fashion items.”

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adidas originals swim shorts Lidl to launch a new affordable fashion range
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adidas warehouse LIC First Round

Speech to Text for LIC First Round

Below is the closed captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

crown is already on the line over in illinois. the little illini conference tournament gets in full swing today. casey westfield enters unbeaten in the l i c. the top seeded warriors against lawrenceville. 2nd quarter. warriors moving it around. and good passing makes it easy . kyle carver the lay in. casey leads by 14. the indians hanging around. blayne winningham drives baseline and draws the foul. he converts the old fashioned three point play for lawrenceville. then it’s connor o’dell. corner three. indians inching closer. but the warriors respond. going the other way. it’s logan hawker with a trifecta of his own . casey westfield advances in the conference tournament . warriros 73 48 over the indians. game 2 of the tourney features the marshall lions and the newton eagles. marshall up by 5. 2nd qtr action now and the eagles are mounting a comeback behind this zack jansen jumper, he gets the bucke and draws the foul. newton cuts the marshall lead to one after the old fashinon three point play. later in the 2nd, and it’s fast break time for newton, great outlet pass to nicholas cohorst leads to the strong two handed dunk. eagles take a three point lead. marshall rallied in the 4th qtr and goes on to beat newton 61 53 robinson takes on host red hill in game three of the lic tourney. the salukis come out on fire to start this game,
adidas infant shoes LIC First Round
nice floater in the lane by big man andy wells gives red hill the early lead. later in the qtr, red hill showing off the ball movement with this beautiful baseline pass to corbin shoulders, he goes up and in red hill up by 5. this time he’s successful, he’d finish with 29 on the night. robinson down by 1. the maroons would comeback and win this one 69 55 over host red hill. every game in the missouri valley conference
adidas infant shoes LIC First Round

adidas spezial green Libraries Reveal Keys to Success

Michael Moritz, the venture capitalist who built a personal $1.5 billion fortune discovering the likes of Google, YouTube, Yahoo and PayPal, and taking them public, may seem preternaturally in tune with new media. But it is the imprint of old media books by the thousands sprawling through his Bay Area house that occupies his mind.

“My wife calls me the Imelda Marcos of books,” Mr. Moritz said in an interview. “As soon as a book enters our home it is guaranteed a permanent place in our lives. Because I have never been able to part with even one, they have gradually accumulated like sediment.”

Serious leaders who are serious readers build personal libraries dedicated to how to think, not how to compete. Ken Lopez, a bookseller in Hadley, Mass., says it is impossible to put together a serious library on almost any subject for less than several hundred thousand dollars.

Perhaps that is why more than their sex lives or bank accounts chief executives keep their libraries private. Few Nike colleagues, for example, ever saw the personal library of the founder, Phil Knight, a room behind his formal office. To enter, one had to remove one’s shoes and bow: the ceilings were low, the space intimate, the degree of reverence demanded for these volumes on Asian history, art and poetry greater than any the self effacing Mr. Knight, who is no longer chief executive, demanded for himself. canon, its rule is this: “Don’t follow your mentors, follow your mentors’ mentors,” suggests David Leach, chief executive of the American Medical Association’s accreditation division. Mr. Leach has stocked his cabin in the woods of North Carolina with the collected works of Aristotle.

Forget finding the business best seller list in these libraries. “I try to vary my reading diet and ensure that I read more fiction than nonfiction,” Mr. Moritz said. “I rarely read business books, except for Andy Grove’s ‘Swimming Across,’ which has nothing to do with business but describes the emotional foundation of a remarkable man. I re read from time to time T. E. Lawrence’s ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom,’ an exquisite lyric of derring do, the navigation of strange places and the imaginative ruses of a peculiar character.

Darwin’s “Origin of Species” was priced at a few thousand dollars in the 1950s. “Then DNA became the scientific rage,” said Mr. Windle. “Now copies are selling for $250,000. But the desire to own a piece of Darwin’s mind is coming to an end. I have a customer who collects diaries of people of no importance at all. libraries typically lack a Dewey Decimal or even org chart order. “My books are organized by topic and interest but in a manner that would make a librarian weep,” Mr. Moritz said. Is there something “Da Vinci Code” like about mixing books up in an otherwise ordered life?

Could it be possible to read Phil Knight’s books in the order in which Mr. The empire loving Elizabeth I surrounded herself with the Roman historians, many of whom she translated, and kept one book under lock and key in her bedroom, in a French translation she alone of her court could read: Machiavelli’s treatise on how to overthrow republics, “The Prince.” Churchill retreated to his library to heal his wounds after being voted out of power in 1945 and after reading for six years came back to power.

It took Dee Hock, father of the credit card and founder of Visa, a thousand books to find The One. Mr. Hock walked away from business life in 1984 and looked back only from his library’s walls. He built a dream 2,000 square foot wing for his books in a pink stucco mansion atop a hill in Pescadero, Calif. He sat among the great philosophers and the novelists of Western life like Steinbeck and Stegner and dreamed up a word for what Visa is: “chaordic” complex systems that blend order and chaos.

In his library, Mr. Hock found the book that contained the thoughts of all of them. Visitors can see opened on his library table for daily consulting, Omar Khayyam’s “Rubiyt,” the Persian poem that warns of the dangers of greatness and the instability of fortune. “I used to tell my senior staff to get me poets as managers,” says Sidney Harman, founder of Harman Industries, a $3 billion producer of sound systems for luxury cars, theaters and airports. Mr. Harman maintains a library in each of his three homes, in Washington, Los Angeles and Aspen, Colo. “Poets are our original systems thinkers,” he said. “They look at our most complex environments and they reduce the complexity to something they begin to understand.”

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He never could find a poet who was willing to be a manager. So Mr. Harman became his own de facto poet, quoting from his volumes of Shakespeare, Tennyson, and the poetry he found in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” and Camus’s “Stranger” to help him define the dignity of working life a poetry he made real in his worker friendly factories.

Mr. For two years Mr. Harman would take down from the shelf “The City of God” by E. L. Doctorow read the novel slowly, return it to the shelves, and then take it down again for his next trip. “Almost everything I have read has been useful to me science, poetry, politics, novels. I have a lifelong interest in epistemology and learning. My books have helped me develop a way of thinking critically in business and in golf a fabulous metaphor for the most interesting stuff in life. My library is full of things I might go back to.”

It was the empty library room and its floor to ceiling ladder that made Shelly Lazarus, the chairwoman and chief executive of Ogilvy Mather, fall in love with her house in the Berkshires, which was built in 1740. “When my husband and I moved in, we said, ‘We’re never going to fill this room,’ and just last week I realized we needed to build an addition to the library. Once I’ve read a book I keep it. It becomes a part of me.

“As head of a global company, everything attracts me as a reader, books about different cultures, countries, problems. I read for pleasure and to find other perspectives on how to think or solve a problem, like Jerome Groopman’s ‘How Doctors Think’; John Cornwall’s autobiography, ‘Seminary Boy’; ‘The Wife,’ a novel by Meg Wolitzer; and before that, ‘Team of Rivals.’

“David Ogilvy said advertising is a great field, anything prepares you for it,” she said. “That gives me license to read everything.”

Correction: July 24, 2007

An article in Business Day on Saturday about the private library collections of several business executives referred incorrectly to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, whose chief executive, David Leach, commented on his collection of the works of Aristotle. The accreditation council is an independent, nonprofit organization; it is no longer a division of the American Medical Association. (The two separated in 2003.) The article also included a quotation from Shelly Lazarus, chairwoman and chief executive of Ogilvy Mather, that misstated the title of a book in her collection. It is “How Doctors Think” by Dr. Jerome Groopman not “How to Think Like a Doctor.”
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adidas super star Libertyville Community

15, 2017″ > >Illinois Tollway Reminds Drivers to Give Them Distance to Stay Safe on the Roadways During Busy Holiday Travel DaysCommunity Contributor drohrbackThe Illinois Tollway anticipates drivers will get a jump start on this season holiday travel on Friday, December 15, with more than 1.8 million vehicles expected on the Tollway system and more than 1.7 million vehicles traveling each day next week. On an average day, about 1.6 million vehicles. 14, 2017″ > >HIGHLAND STUDENTS RAISE MONEY TO IMPROVE DRINKING WATER IN WEST AFRICACommunity Contributor District 70 ViewsHighland Middle School students will spend the entire school year raising money to provide clean drinking water thousands of miles away in Guinea, West Africa. “This is the age when kids start thinking outside of themselves,” says Highland Middle School Principal Jon Hallmark when explaining how. 14, 2017″ > >CLC Wars and Trek experts to appear in new Netflix seriesCommunity Contributor College of Lake County Public Relations and Marketing”The Toys that Made Us,” a new Netflix series premiering just in time for Christmas, will feature interviews with College of Lake County sociology instructors John and Maria Jose Tenuto, noted experts on the history of both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” as well as their toys and collectibles. The. 14, 2017″ > >Elmhurst College Starts Scholarship Contest for First Generation StudentsCommunity Contributor Desiree ChenCommitted to helping its students achieve the American Dream, Elmhurst College has just launched the American Dream Fellowship Competition, a scholarship contest that celebrates and supports first generation college students. The first place winner will receive a four year, full tuition scholarship. 13, 2017″ > >Hawthorn Mall Hosts 12 Hour LifeSource Blood Marrow Registry Drive December 20Community Contributor Dave SilbarThe holiday season is widely considered the most wonderful time of the year, but for those in need of blood transfusions or bone marrow transplants for cancer treatment or other life threatening illnesses, it can be the most worrisome time of the year. Because the number of blood donations between. 12, 2017″ > >CCU Sponsor Offers Ten (10) $2,000.00 ScholarshipsCommunity Contributor John CoxonApplications for scholarships must be received by December 31, 2017 Waukegan, IL, December 12, 2017: Time is running out to apply for one of the ten (10) $2,000.00 scholarships offered by Consumers Cooperative Association (CCA), sponsor for Consumers Credit Union (CCU;
adidas new boots Libertyville Community
$1.1 Billion, Waukegan, IL). 12, 2017″ > >College of Lake County board announces new President, Dr. Lori M. SuddickCommunity Contributor College of Lake County Public Relations and MarketingThe College of Lake County Board of Trustees will name Dr. Lori M. Suddick as its new president during the regular Dec. 19 board meeting. She has served since 2009 as the vice president of learning and chief academic officer for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, a multi campus college, serving. 12, 2017″ > >Call for Artists and Artisans: Libertyville 38th Annual Festival of the ArtsCommunity Contributor mbunderThe David Adler Music and Arts Center announces a call for artists and artisans for the 2018 Festival of the Arts to be held in Libertyville historic Cook Park August 4 5. In 2018, the Adler Center will celebrate the 38th anniversary of the popular arts festival, as well as the centennial of. 12, 2017″ > >Mundelein Trustees Approve Proposed Tax Levy at Board MeetingCommunity Contributor djenich1At the December 11 Mundelein Village Board Meeting, Mayor Steve Lentz and the Board of Trustees approved a proposed property tax levy, which includes increased payments to police and fire pensions. The Village Board is considering keeping the levy rate the same as last year or $1.56 per $100 of. 12, 2017″ > >Property Tax Pre Payments for the 2017 Tax YearCommunity Contributor Jennie VanaThe Lake County Treasurer Office is accepting pre payments for the 2017 tax year through Dec. 29. This could benefit you when filing your 2017 income taxes. Before pre paying, it recommended that you talk with an income tax professional. Requirements/General Information The amount can be. 12, 2017″ > >Mundelein Theatre wins Shakespeare SlamCommunity Contributor rgirardThe Mundelein Theatre Shakespeare Slam team was the winner of the 2017 Chicago Shakespeare Slam. This is the second year in a row the team advanced to the final round of competition. Roughly 50 teams from across the Chicagoland area participated in this program, sponsored by Chicago Shakespeare. 10, 2017″ > >Strong Family Bonds: Alpha Krav Maga CompoundCommunity Contributor NewsHoundOn the second anniversary of the Alpha Krav Maga Compound, the gym experienced some incredible milestones this past year. Master George Buruian received his 4th Dan Black belt. Diana Azrikam is the first female to receive a black belt with Alpha Krav Maga International (AKMI). AKMC MMA coach Mike. 9, 2017″ > >Lake Forest College Women Hockey Team Wins First Outdoor Game in Program HistoryCommunity Contributor Natalie BoberAgainst the backdrop of a low slung moon, lights gleaming off the ice and strong winds whipping through the rink, the Lake Forest College women hockey team won its first outdoor game on December 5. The Foresters beat the Aurora University Spartans 5 1 at the Winter Club, Lake Forest, Illinois. 8, 2017″ > >MHS bands to present Fall Concert Dec. in the Mundelein High School Auditorium. 8, 2017″ > >Red Rose Children Choir help Barry Manilow bring holiday cheer at Allstate ArenaCommunity Contributor Alan ParikhThirty children from the Red Rose Children Choir of Lake County and the Lake County Boys Choir received the holiday gift of a lifetime when they were selected to perform in Barry Manilow holiday concert, “A Very Barry Christmas”,
adidas new boots Libertyville Community
at Allstate Arena on December 5. The children sang three songs.

mens adidas tracksuit bottoms Liberty Shoes meets agencies in Delhi

Montage Advertising is the incumbent on the account.

Popular footwear brand Liberty Shoes is currently scouting for a creative partner and has started meeting up with agencies for this. The process is underway in Delhi.

Liberty Shoes caters to consumers across age groups. Brands on Liberty Shoes’ product portfolio include Coolers, Fortune, Force 10, Gliders, Windsor, Senorita, Footfun, Tiptopp, Prefect, Warrior, Freedom and Workman.

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has endorsed the brand in the recent past. The parent brand is currently positioned as one for trendy and style conscious individuals.

Liberty Shoes, that has been manufacturing footwear for more than 50 years, has a distribution network that reaches more than 25 countries including France, Italy and Germany. The company’s worldwide distribution network comprises 150 distributors, 350 exclusive showrooms and more than 6,000 multi brand outlets.

Through Liberty Retail Revolutions, a chain of high end showrooms across the country, Liberty Shoes has attempted to take its offerings closer to the consumer. The concept includes large format retail outlets, each offering unique experiences to fashion conscious shoppers.

Additionally, Liberty Exclusive Stores is an attempt to offer the entire Liberty Collection range under a single roof. The company’s Factory Price Stores offer affordable products.
adidas boxing boots Liberty Shoes meets agencies in Delhi