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Arizona State’s partnership with Adidas goes beyond just outfitting the team on game day.

Beyond the GridironSince Adidas has taken over as the uniform and apparel provider for Sun Devil Athletics, ASU football has seen a plethora of changes. All of the uniforms got updated. Alternate uniforms were added. New shoes and new gloves in different colors to match said uniforms were provided. Practice uniforms customized to fit Arizona State culture and needs were provided, something that had never been seen in the past.

The reach of the Adidas influence goes beyond that which we see on field. Adidas has taken it upon itself to gift Sun Devil athletes with supplemental equipment, whether it is for casual wear, or pregame travel.

gotten calls from our Adidas rep at times telling me to a shipment of shoes or shirts for the athletes later in the week, said ASU football equipment manager Jerry Neilly. don ask for these things, they just like to take care of the kids. That something that we never had before. an important point to make that while many feared there would be a drop in recruiting success when the switch from Nike to Adidas was made, that has not been the case. In fact, one could make the argument that ASU partnership with Adidas has bolstered recruiting, and it because of things like Neilly mentioned. Nike relationship with ASU was business like, whereas the partnership with Adidas seems like family. As you about to see, the players are all treated incredibly well which is exactly what Arizona State Athletic Director Ray Anderson envisioned when he agreed to terms with Adidas. Anchored by the hashtag FindFocus, it is designed to eliminate any distractions as athletes prepare in the hours leading up to competition. This line outfits Sun Devil players with a white zip up hoodie, featuring a hood and high collar that extend beyond players peripheral line of sight so that they can only look forward and FindFocus on their goal. The black zipper is accentuated by black trim that runs along the seam on the left shoulder and a black Adidas logo on the left arm. sweatpants to match the hoodie. sweat suit, ASU football has been given Adidas Climalite t shirts and hats to wear while traveling.

It All in the DetailsAs with everything that comes through Sun Devil Equipment, there are fine details to examine and Adidas made sure to cater the details of this new equipment specifically to Arizona State. First, the all white getup is something that is very popular with the athletes as they prefer a clean, pristine look. hoodie has a gold pitchfork outlined by maroon on the left breast. The sweatpants have a white Adidas logo on the left knee, but are devoid of any ASU specific logos.

The white Climalite t shirt has a maroon Adidas logo directly below the collar and a large gold pitchfork outlined with maroon in the center of the chest. On the back of the t shirt reads a phrase, an athlete mantra of sorts, focused still on the FindFocus theme. It reads is not just the game I play. Sport is who I am, what I am, why I am. It every second on the clock. Every moment I live Game day or any day. The flat brimmed hat also features the gold pitchfork outlined by maroon to match the rest of the apparel. On the back of the snapback, State is stitched in maroon using the Sun Devil Bold font. An additional and surprising detail is that the same phrase printed on the back of the t shirt is also printed on the inside of the front panels of the hat.

Sweet KicksOne of the trendiest clothing items in pop culture is shoes. Some people have vast collections, and new releases are looked forward to by some with the same zeal as a new car model or the next smart phone release. Adidas has answered the bell in providing ASU student athletes across all sports, and even the students of ASU 942 Crew, with plenty of free shoes.

The shoes provided with the FindFocus travel gear are Adidas Alpha Bounce with a black and gray cheetah print (pictured bottom left). That, and the rest of the shoes provided to the Sun Devil Football team are pictured below.

The camo pattern (pictured bottom right) and maroon with gold paint splatter pattern (pictured top left) are both Adidas Speed Trainer 2 shoes. The maroon shoes with Adidas classic three stripes pitchfork logo on the tongue of the shoe (pictured top right) are throwback Adidas Original Superstars. Finally, the giveaway that all student athletes and the 942 Crew received, the gray James Harden Crazy Light Boosts (pictured center top) complete with maroon and gold accents. I heard some of the folks that received the Hardens say that these are the most comfortable shoe they ever owned.

ReactionAll of the equipment that Adidas provides Arizona State student athletes is proof of their dedication to honoring a business partnership as well as their desire to treat the athletes well. When Adidas said it was going to make Arizona State a high priority, it meant it. line was officially released on Sept. 1, 2016. equipment was in the hands of Neilly equipment staff, and on Sept. 10t it was worn by the Sun Devil football team as they arrived to Sun Devil Stadium for their game against Texas Tech. Additionally, all of the shoes discussed were sent between Aug. 1, 2016 and the publishing of this article. That dedication. Different folks have different loyalties, and there may be fans out there that are still unsure of Arizona State young partnership with Adidas, but it safe to say that many skeptics have been turned into believers.
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