zx750 adidas Adidas fanatics queue all night for Dublin trainers

One Twitter user posted a photo of people queuing in tents outside the Size store in Manchester

He said: ‘We were about 60th in the queue when we got here but it has gone surprisingly quick. My son got us a Domino’s and it’s been nice to camp out with other Dublin enthusiasts.

Dennis Beaumont, 44, of east Hull, queued since 7.30am. But he’s towards the back of the line and doesn’t think he’ll get a pair. He said:’Put it this way, I would sell the Missus, the kids and the house to get a pair’

‘We’ve been here for about 14 hours,’ Victor said. ‘To be fair it’s not been too bad because we’ve had a football if it got cold and that. It could have been worse, it could have been better.

‘I think it got down to 1 or 2 degrees. I just brought a deckchair, some food and what I’m wearing now.’

But some shoppers say they were left disappointed, with one man claiming the Size shop in Brixton had sold out before it had even opened.

Victor and Callum have been camping outside the store since 7pm on Thursday night. They’ve been able to grab a limited edition pair of the trainers. Pictured: Victor Osborne (left) and Callum Petch (right)

’20 people queuing in Brixton London,’ wrote Jerome Morgan on the Size Facebook page. ‘One guy all night!!! 8am the shutters went up and the guy in the shop said they were already sold out. Not one person in the line got a pair.’

Within hours of the shops opening,
adidas socks Adidas fanatics queue all night for Dublin trainers
several pairs of the coveted trainers which cost 85 new went on sale on eBay for more than 400.

First around in the 1970s, Adidas Dublins are being brought back for a limited time only.

On Size’s website, it says: ‘One of the most coveted releases from the esteemed adidas Originals City Series, we’re pleased to bring the Dublin back into the spotlight as part of our size? exclusive Archive Collection.’

But some people simply couldn’t understand the fuss.

‘Must have to be crazy to be camping in the weather for a pair of Adidas Dublins,’ tweeted Sean Williams.

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adidas socks Adidas fanatics queue all night for Dublin trainers
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