adidas tights Adidas has turnover chain luxury cars at ACC title game

The Miami’s turnover chain became one of the most talked about aspects of college football this season partly because it’s stunningly flashy and partly because the Hurricanes are so good that they got to wear it frequently.

If you somehow haven’t heard of this incredible defensive prize, it’s literally a chain made of 10 carat gold and orange and green sapphires and weighs 5.5 pounds that the team puts around the neck of anyone who forces a turnover.

Miami fans everywhere came up with their own versions of it. But Adidas took it one giant step further with turnover chain themed luxury cars for the ACC championship game in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday. Miami will take on Clemson for the conference title and a shot at the College Football Playoff.

Behold, Rolls Royce and McLaren turnover chains.

We’ve seen the turnover chain turned into memes, t shirts and other teams’ mocking versions of it. But sports cars is next level and even beats turnover chain sushi.
adidas retro t shirts Adidas has turnover chain luxury cars at ACC title game