black and white adidas originals Adidas launches Boston T

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Adidas launches ‘Boston Stands as One’ T shirt to support bombing victims Adidas launches Boston T shirt for charityfacebook email Adidas is selling these T shirts to help Boston. (Adidas)As the official sponsor of the Boston Marathon, Adidas has a special connection to the race and plans to donate all of the proceeds to the One Fund Boston, a charity created this week.

Other ways to get involved include lacing up your running shoes. On Monday, runners across the US will honor the victims and show their community’s strength in the best way they can by running. The event,
adidas online store Adidas launches Boston T
BostonStrong, was conceived by Brian Kelley, the San Francisco run blogger behind Pavement Runner, who in planning an event in the city.
adidas online store Adidas launches Boston T