adidas predator white Adidas offers help to schools redesigning mascots

Native American mascot nicknames.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) By 2017, the State of Oregon is requiring schools to get rid of mascots and mascot names that are associated with Native American tribes. Now, sportswear company adidas announced it will lead a nationwide voluntary initiative for high schools who want to change mascot names and identities.

Superintendent for Amity School District Jeff Clark said, “As a district, we were disappointed that the State Board of Education went this route.” Clark said the district would have preferred to work individually with its local tribes.

“We’ve never had any issues with our local tribes which is the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde,” he said.

The school district is in the process of setting up a committee to look into the resign design and reimplementation process.

The mascot for Scappoose High School (KOIN, file) The mascot for Scappoose High School (KOIN, file)

“There’s no money coming from the state to offset the costs that are being imposed,” Clark said.

Speaking about the current mascot and mascot’s name, Clark said the community is “proud.”

“It is an identity that has been around for a long time. That logo is everywhere and it really is a connection.”

Clark worries about the cost. The high school has its mascot and name on the gym floor, scoreboards and murals. All of it will have to be replaced.

“It really kind of changes the feel of the school,” Clark says.

Vince Swagerty, who is the principal at Reedsport Community Charter School, said their mascot’s name is “Brave.” The school and district, Swagerty says, is coming up with an action and financial plan regarding the redesign process.

“If it has to come from our general funds, that’s teaching staff or supplies, or materials that we’re not going to be able to purchase,” Swagerty says.

In a press release issued Thursday, adidas says it “will offer its design resources to any high school in America that wants to change their logo or mascot from potentially harmful Native American imagery or symbolism. Additionally, the company will provide financial assistance to schools who want to change their identity to ensure the transition is not cost prohibitive.”

A spokesperson for the company declined an interview. As for any connection with Adidas, we are not involved.”

North Wasco School District “Our high school completed a mascot change that was effective as of July 1st, 2014. We did not have additional funding available at that time to help with mascot change efforts however it would be nice to have some help now to complete our sports and clubs uniform changes.

Molalla River School District “The mascot discussion is underway in the Molalla River School District. Whatever the direction at the state or national level, we are (and will continue) having a conversation with our community about the future of our mascot. Mascots are important and we welcome business partners like Adidas into the discussion.”

Roseburg School District “We are in the process of engaging in discussions with the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians on the expansion of our District’s already positive partnerships with the Tribe and the mascot is a part of those discussions.”

North Douglas School District Looking into the adidas offer.

Banks School District “We were not aware of the offering from Adidas prior to your email. We are continuing our work based on Senate Bill 1503 to build a relationship with the tribe to be able to keep our mascot.”

Rouge River School District “We had not known of this program prior to your email. With that in mind, it is not something we had been pursuing. Thank you for the information.”
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