adidas black tracksuit Adidas launches heavy metal fashion

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 12:49 PM

Under the creative direction of Dirk Schnberger, the sport style line features an array of long, lean rocker ready clothes, pairing tailored parkas with drainpipe trousers for men and sleek printed dresses with leggings for women. Also look for waxed leathers and neoprenes and plenty of metal zippers and guitar and skull graphics.

The line also features the leather Frith shoe for women, which is a cross between an edgy boot and a comfy street sneaker, finished with zipper closures on the sides ($245).

A look from the latest Adidas SLVR collection. (Adidas)

Meanwhile, following her success designing for British athletes in the London 2012 Olympics, Stella McCartney has teamed up again with Adidas to launch her new Autumn/Winter collection. The line includes funky sports bags, iPhone cases, fashion sneakers, functional hoodies, and leopard print jersey leggings.
adidas backpacks Adidas launches heavy metal fashion