adidas gazelle sale uk ‘I am Trudeau’s worst nightmare’

am Trudeau worst nightmare, O said in an interview with the Toronto Sun just an hour after he announced his official candidacy into the federal Conservative leadership race on Wednesday.

It always fun to talk with Mr. Wonderful, famous for being a Dragon and Shark on TV and for his brash comments on business. The investor and businessman is one part of him. The show business part of him is obvious. There is the husband and father component. Philanthropist too, which he does very quietly.

And now he a politician.

In explaining what pushed him over the top to decide to run, O alludes to the exclusive front page story in the Toronto Sun earlier this month that forecasted, under Trudeau, Canada debt in the next four decades could balloon to $1.5 trillion, something that upset every Canadian, O said.

It infuriates him.

a chance in hell am I going to let him do that, he tells me. job is to show Trudeau his ambition in life and it is not running Canada. that end, everything Trudeau does he will be on top of.

have to be honest. We are in trouble here. We have a very weak leader with a very flawed mandate and we have to stop him from doing any more damage, said O job is to make sure he does as little damage to the country until I can get there in 2019. he hopes to convince Conservatives of this at the leadership convention in the spring,
adidas gazelle yellow 'I am Trudeau's worst nightmare'
and then Canadians in 2019.

is not going to be an election but an exorcism, said O is it written in the Constitution we have to settle for mediocrity and incompetence? I am scraping that all away. We deserve so much better. I will get rid of the malaise of Trudeau. believes it the very millennials who seem to love to jump into selfie pictures with Trudeau who are going to help O do it.

millennials, entrepreneurs who watch Shark Tank and Dragon Den, are my people, he said. Trudeau has them doing is sitting in their parents basement staring at the ceiling. this starts by lowering and eliminating taxes and fostering investment and job creation, he said. And, yes, that means the end to carbon taxes and cap and trade initiatives as well as excessive regulation.

O is important to the Conservative race and to federal politics in general because he brings no holds barred excitement to a moribund race in need of a star who can take on a superstar in Trudeau. O issues are real and they resonate with people. Canada needs the anti Trudeau candidate and it wonderful that they now have one. president Donald Trump, but he talks straight and direct like him. Agree or disagree, it a language people understand. And those Canadian people will ultimately have to decide.

are starting to see the rot in Trudeau mandate and they are smelling the failure and they are telling him that in his town hall meetings, O said. me tell you the facts: We are in a real race to save the country. This is going to be a carbon tax free country as soon as I get to Ottawa. I am going to reverse everything Trudeau did.

won remember his name when I am finished. he believes you will remember the name Prime Minister Kevin O


Who would you prefer at the negotiating table with soon to be president Donald Trump?

A shark or dude? Conservative Party leadership hopeful Kevin O says Canadians already know the answer. Trump changes the game to bring back manufacturing and jobs to America, O believes Canada can benefit.

But he says it can be taking on Godzilla but instead a tough Dragon who how to prepare a balance sheet and had to a payroll.
adidas gazelle yellow 'I am Trudeau's worst nightmare'