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youth culture, and the Clatskanie Arts Commission is paying homage to the legendary program.

The CAC is hosting the Portland Musical Theatre Company’s production of “Rock, Roll Remember,” a tribute to both “American Bandstand” and the music of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s on Sunday, Sept. 24.

The show will feature five performers zipping through more than 40 hits, from Elvis to ABBA, in a 90 minute, fast paced revue including one actor playing a host similar to “Bandstand” emcee Dick Clark.

According to Arts Commission spokeswoman Elsa Wooley, this is the first time the organization has worked with a Portland group, and they hope to continue this partnership.

Wooley said the show came to Clatskanie after a couple of residents saw “Rock, Roll Remember” in Portland. They suggested it to the arts commission. From there, a partnership was born. “We have a stable of programs that are family friendly and affordable, so we hope that this is just the beginning (in Clatskanie).”

Maio, 40, said she grew up with the latter years of “American Bandstand.” She said Dick Clark is a legendary icons deserving of his own musical revue.

“It’s the first reality show,” Maio said of “American Bandstand.” “Before ‘Survivor,’ ‘Amazing Race’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ there was Dick Clark. He helped coin the term ‘teenager,’ and gave them the first show that was just for them. I just want to pay tribute to someone who helped create what rock n’ roll was and wanted to spread hope and joy.”

Maio promised that audiences will enjoy themselves at “Rock, Roll Remember.”

“We know our audiences have a lot options for entertainment, so we really want to respect and honor that and make sure that every moment, they’re feeling entertained.”
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