mens adidas sweatshirt JFK Airport such a mess for so long after the storm

The winter snow storm that walloped the East Coast last week snarled flights at airports from Georgia to New England. But none was hit harder than New York JFK International Airport.

The airport suffered an operation meltdown that left passengers scrambling days after the storm had passed. Fliers complained that workers had little information to pass along. Fights broke out as frustration mounted. And a water pipe burst in a terminal building Sunday, adding to the misery.

NBC New York reported Wednesday that 5,000 bags left at (JFK) amid the weekend’s weather related chaos still haven’t been returned to their rightful owners, two sources familiar with the situation told News 4. what made JFK different than other airports that recovered more quickly?

All six of JFK terminals operate independently, managed either by a dominant carrier (such as American Airlines Terminal 8) or by an outside group. Terminal 4, for example, is run by a subsidiary of the Dutch Schiphol Group that also runs several airport terminals in Europe. (For those doing the math at home, there are no terminals or at JFK.)

That structure means airlines generally cannot share gates or otherwise troubleshoot across different terminals, something that would prove especially problematic for JFK after the storm.

First, though, came the storm. cities unaccustomed to such events.

adidas micoach football boots JFK Airport such a mess for so long after the storm
the storm was then forecast to move out over the Atlantic before slamming into the Northeast. When the storm arrived, it snarled flights throughout the region including at the three big New York City area airports (JFK, Newark and LaGuardia).

Initially, JFK halted flights for part of Thursday, aiming for a re start by late afternoon and evening. But the storm was worse than forecast for the metro area. Dozens of international flights had already taken off from Europe and Asia, with those airlines thinking that JFK flights would have resumed by their scheduled arrival times. Instead, those fights diverted after JFK remained closed into the evening.

That left dozens of JFK bound fights scattered at numerous airports throughout the East. about 60 miles north of Manhattan.

Eventually, flight operations resumed at JFK on Friday. In addition to the resumption of JFK normal schedule, many of the aircraft that had been diverted took to the air to return to their originally intended destination.

Aviation observer Jason Rabinowitz, monitored the developing situation via social media throughout the storm and subsequent recovery. Airplanes keep landing and there nowhere for them to go. Departure line is dozens long. kept arriving at JFK with nowhere to go, leaving air traffic controllers to stash them away on unused runways and taxiways for extremely long periods of time. with JFK separately managed terminals,
adidas micoach football boots JFK Airport such a mess for so long after the storm
gates quickly filled up. Most that opened up could only be used to accommodate airlines that already operated from the same terminal. The result: A slow recovery that lasted for days at JFK, where problems persisted into this week.

night saw the worst of the backup, with an Air China flight waiting more than seven hours for a gate at Terminal 1, Rabinowitz wrote. the aircraft was unloaded via airstairs, a process not traditionally utilized at JFK. Saturday was no better, as airlines continued to dispatch flights to JFK as if nothing was wrong. An Aeroflot re positioning flight from Dulles sat on a runway for nine hours before the crew timed out and requested someone come to pick them up, looking to abandon the aircraft where it stood.

By Wednesday, only a few flights were listed as canceled at the airport. While a welcome sign for passengers there, the lingering piles of bags shown by NBC New York on Wednesday showed how troubled the airport recovery from the storm was.

But the episode has put the spotlight on JFK, with many asking how the airport can make sure such a scenario won repeat itself.

“I didn’t think JFK could one up itself, but it certainly did,
adidas micoach football boots JFK Airport such a mess for so long after the storm
” The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly said to The Associated Press. “They need to get all the terminals working together because this can’t happen again.”.