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Concerning the article right irked by PM abortion policy, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explanation for why pro life groups should be excluded from $220 million in federal jobs grants (Jan. 16).

This is very grievous, disturbing and detrimental for the youth, the country and the prime minister. First of all, abortion is not a divine human right for the supreme command is shalt not kill. It is only a man made human right. At conception, in that teeny weeny embryo, are all the characteristics of the father and mother. It is a human being at the first stage of development. But it is called a fetus to silence our conscience. And both men and women are equally responsible.

Yes, I agree women should have control over their body, but the fact that they have unwanted pregnancies shows that they don And neither have men, giving in to their desire and lusts. I have heard them talk. And this is the evil pro lifers are bringing attention to. And now they are being censored, which is very detrimental to our country and our youth. For now, organizations providing jobs for youths are forced to renounce their pro life stances to receive government funding. This hurts the youths that would have been hired, thus holding back their ability to become good, productive citizens. Unreal!

It also detrimental for our prime minister. To quote Rachel Campos Duffy, is a sign of intolerance. If you have a pro life view you not eligible nor welcome to share it, or else you are kicked out of the program (the $220 million federal jobs program). agree with this statement. It is unreal. Christians, be alert! For the prime minister, by his actions, is bringing in the time of persecution of Christians. And the prime minister has supporters, as was made clear during a recent Calgary CBC phone in show. We are more and more becoming a secular country and departing from the teachings of our fathers.

Woe unto the country whose king is a fool.

Youth are not hurt by this policy. About the same number of jobs are available for them this year, except they will not be paid to undermine the rights and freedoms legally guaranteed by Canadian law. Instead they will need to find something less destructive to do, something that is a little more positive. If religions want to use youth to undermine rights and freedoms they will have to pay for it out of their own pockets.

Racist and anti LBGT2S organisations cannot tap the STEP program either. So it is not a selective act against religious groups, rather, a selective act in favour of promoting more ethical summer employment and against groups who want to use the funding to undermine rights and freedoms. Mr. Ouwerkerk, penning this tells me all I need to know: I agree women should have control over their body, but the fact that they have unwanted pregnancies shows that they don’t. And neither have men, giving in to their desire and lusts. I have heard them talk. How absurd! Talk about what? Sexually assaulting women? Then the eye popping claim of Christian persecution just adds to the incredulity of his statements. No one should be subjected to the misinformation and lies of the forced birth movement. I certainly don want a dime of my tax dollars to support such a horrid practice.

Thanks for the belly laugh AE. It is clear that you do not know me nor what I support. Nice try though with the usual smear of misandry. I sure my son (who is a cis gendered heterosexual adult male) would love for you to finish your second sentence. He wants to know why you pity him because I am his mother. I fought for his right to not be labelled as a born rapist. To be a strong and proud young man who believes that every human being deserves the right to personhood. I have fought for the rights of men to have health centres and emergency shelters to help them because domestic violence against men is a hidden secret. I have fought for the rights of fathers to not be automatically stripped of parental rights because women are abusive and sometimes giving the children to the mother isn the right thing to do. You have no idea how wrong you are by applying your automatic that woman is misandrous. So up to you to finish the sentence of the children born of My son would never lay violent hands on others, nor would he ever treat a woman as less than him; something you seem to be incapable of doing.

Smart diversion snotspot,
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glad you thought it a joke, as I don those I clearly see having male scorning characteristics, if I wrong though I have as much right to being so as you do. I also sorry you bring your son into the debate I hope he a strong lad.

Furthermore, this topic isn about you, what you accomplished, nor your son, nor you figuring out a way to prevent him from being labelled or becoming a rapist, not about the man or woman on the moon, or how much you fought for what, take that up with Pulitzer or Nobel, which ever is about a woman having control over her body which healthy women do particularly on this continent where the personhood spokespersonhood invented for the occasion have over decades rigged a mighty fine mechanism to do just that.

Collectively they doing one dam fine job of turning every man they point to, to dirt, from Dustin Hoffman to every priest who donned a robe.

We all toast, if we should ever arouse the ire of a female we looked crosswise at,(her negative prescription) or brushed against, 5 or 50 years ago, doesn matter, cuffs for you boy, and there goes the life of another smuck!

Funny, I always thought religious meant acknowledging the existence of a deity, no matter how you worship or acknowledge that belief.

I have seen atheists on their deathbeds. None expressed any wish to humble themselves to the hopeless faith of those people who promote their interpretation of a mute, imaginary superior being.

I enjoy hearing the views of others on the other side, but do not want to subsidise the spread of their delusions. Your condescending tone is a little difficult to take. I understand why you want to have more tax money and subsidies to spread your myths, I hear you. And no, i do not think you deserve subsidies for evidence free beliefs that seek to deprive others of their human rights and freedoms.

I wonder in what way you think TP is not thinking realistically?

lgl great strength in your experiences. impressive. you freed yourself from the veils, shackles, lies and controlling mechanisms that are the basis of religions. still, i wonder if there may be further exploration and enlightenment ahead. knowing that energy is never lost, what do you feel happens to the energy that gives life to one existence upon death? what is the basis of this energy? keep in mind that while science can indeed provide strong evidence, it also is fallible and therefore not without limitations; it has often been wrong at given points in time. (dr michael newton (journey of souls) is a curious read,
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whether one can accept this as truth, science fiction, or something in between). not sure why the leap to musk being permitted to pollute space as a good thing, either. does not the current level of human development suggest we will degrade wherever else we set foot, no matter how fantastic the musk undertaking?

lgl, with regard to the k scale, it is best we first evolve much more as beings that are infinitely more respectful, tolerant and compassionate than we are at present. we are butchering the very organism that sustains us due to an utter lack of the aforementioned, and due to our reverence for the false economy. i keep an open mind no one would ever confuse me as being a disciple of any religion, nor of being a follower of much of anything. i create my own paths and work to overcome constraints. newton may be a fraud, or not. i have peered over some of his writing, find it intriguing, but have no way of corroborating or refuting his claims. i can base my leanings on my own experiences, however, and from that personal perspective i feel assured there is more to us than what we experience as specks of life on a slightly less little speck of rock that exists in a massive space.

perhaps science is often as much about constraints as discovery? what it has not seems to not exist. while it helps to prove or explain things, it typically is just playing a game of catching up to what is already there. moreover, as science works with what it can behold at a given point, it is at present primarily 2 and 3d constrained. for example, it cannot yet fully prove other dimensions, and yet its disproof is simply that it has not enough proof. while evidence or lack of proof are essential to a fair system of justice, in reality these do not mean something is or isn it just means there is or isn an evidential basis. more simply, things exist before someone in the name of science them.

regardless, whatever my philosophical views on life purpose or afterlife, it would never interfere with the rights of another. i wholly support the fundamental principle that every adult deserves to be free to determine the fate of their body, their experiences/choices, their expressions and beliefs. the only restriction would be that one must respect the rights of others to their freedom, privacy, possessions, peace and security. religion does not even nearly adequately allow for this, and our gov perform only marginally better in that regard. it is no wonder, then, that religious groups continue to legally rip us off through their tax exempt status,
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and that religious based schools receive public funding. thankfully, the present fed gov is taking a stand to ensure STEP funding will not go organisations that practice human rights abuses.