adidas originals tracksuit Casey Matthews knows ribbing will come with Packers brother

Matthews, who plays linebacker for the Eagles, suggested this week that sibling Clay Matthews didn want to switch to middle linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Big brother cleared up the confusion tersely with a reporter in Green Bay.

meant he preferred to play outside over inside, Casey Matthews said with a grin. think that got blown up a little bit. Things get lost in translation. Casey Matthews is considering a preemptive strike. When Clay makes a bee line toward him, Casey might say something along the lines of, bro, what up with you being unhappy about moving inside? 11px;

Whatever the exchange, Casey will walk away smiling. So, too, will Clay, although that likely would have to be confirmed through a source. Clay, for all his fame and commercial fortune, is a protective big brother who filters compliments through intermediaries.

won ever tell me to my face, Casey said with a smile. not like Clay. But I hear him talking to other people. He proud. I sure he is. I proud of him. Every chance I get to watch him, I do. I enjoy watching him. I look up to him and I try to be like him as a player and as a person.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek, among five Eagles with siblings currently playing in the NFL, put it best.

family, Celek, whose brother Garrett is a tight end with the San Francisco 49ers. no jealousy. You blood. And you all in the same game together.

Clay and Casey are the sons of Clay Matthews, who played 19 seasons at linebacker in the NFL. Pro Football Hall of fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, the brother of retired Clay, is the father of Jake and Kevin. Bruce played 19 years.

Those Matthews family dinners around the holidays, Casey Matthews wife confirmed, are conversational about almost everything but football. Video game debates are quite popular. Comparisons are for outsiders.

Casey wishes he had a dime for each time he was compared to Clay, who typically is a rush outside linebacker.

get compared a lot to my brother, how he is as a player, all the success he had, Casey said. I my own player. We different positions. Well, I guess not these past two weeks. But yeah, I try to make a name for myself. You don want to be Clay little brother forever. Obviously that a big honor, but I trying to make a name for myself. Sam Acho is a linebacker with the Arizona Cardinals, who beat the Eagles.

know Casey is excited about this game, Acho said. can go 0 2 against the big brothers so we got to get a this week.

Then there Jaylen Watkins, whose brother Sammy was the fourth overall pick in the draft by the Buffalo Bills. Sammy Watkins is having a stellar season at wide receiver despite a rib injury. He also making money off the field with an Adidas commercial.

Last year, Casey and the Eagles defeated the Packers, 27 13 at Lambeau Field. Clay was playing with a bandaged cast protecting a broken thumb.
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