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NORTH ANSON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) This week on Varsity Club we meet Bailey Dunphy, a senior three sport athlete at Carrabec High School who on top of playing sports year round, can dead lift 320 pounds and is one of the top students in her class.

“It’s all about time management,” said Dunphy. “I mean the time between when the school day ends and when practice starts you have to be able to be willing to work during that time. You can’t just fool around.”

Dunphy plays soccer, basketball and softball. Last year she was named Mountain Valley Conference’s Softball player of the year.

Along with sports, Dunphy volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and is a volunteer coach. She is also involved with Youth in Maine Government where earlier this year she went to the State House with other students and they participated in real debates. The experience had a strong influence on her career aspirations.

“For college I want to go into a program with business but I also want to minor in political science,” said Dunphy. “I had so much fun going down there and debating with people. And causing a ruckus.”

Next year Bailey Dunphy will attend Thomas College where she will explore a career in marketing and play softball.
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