adidas originals trainers rare Careful budget considerations needed for UW athletic department and state

A multi tiered model has been devised for in state and out of state recipients, one that works out to an average of around $5,000 per student athlete per year, according to UW athletic director Barry Alvarez.

UW has 23 sports programs, and there were 476 individuals on full or partial scholarship in 2013 14. Using that data, that works out to an estimated new budget expenditure of $2.4 million.

That’s in addition to an already enacted meals program price tag of $1.5 million to $2 million that allows all student athletes, tendered and walk ons access to breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings at Camp Randall Stadium and Kohl Center dining areas.

Alvarez has mentioned two major contracts that could help address the added costs to his department down the road, but the footwear and apparel deal with Adidas has another year remaining and the pact between the Big Ten Conference and its multiple TV partners runs through 2016 17.

In other words, more future revenue is expected for UW Athletics from those two sources, but especially the TV deal, which reportedly will go from the current payout of $30.9 million per year to $34.1 million in ’15 16 and a projection of more than $40 million when the new arrangement goes into effect in 2017 18.

But like all the other schools committed to COA upgrades for next year most of the institutions reside in the Atlantic Coast, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac 12 and Southeastern conferences a spending plan is needed now.

Alvarez said recently there would be no specific cuts within the athletic department for the new budget just a greater awareness of the bottom line but word circulating around Kellner Hall on Monday is programs and departments may indeed be asked to reduce spending, apparently by 2 percent.

In a proposed state budget for 2015 17 outlined last week, Gov.

In a subsequent presentation to the UW Board of Regents, chancellor Rebecca Blank said the cuts would mean the state’s flagship campus would face a $91 million shortfall for 2015 16.

One way Blank could address that void is to tap into the campus entities with strong financial portfolios. UW Athletics, which has been in the black since 1993, is a logical target.

In addition to paying its own way, the UW Athletic Department gives campus a multi million dollar cut of its Big Ten Network proceeds annually. It also picks up a variety of tabs, including travel expenses for school officials to attend bowl games and other NCAA related events.

It’s fair to say UW Athletics could probably drop a couple of pounds and still be fit enough to provide a first class environment for all its many constituents.

But if indeed Blank is looking to tap into her highest profile department, she should take a page out of its philosophical playbook when it comes to customer service.
adidas rain jacket Careful budget considerations needed for UW athletic department and state