adidas originals ciero Casson makes run for Congress as Independent

Thomas Casson is so serious about his Congressional run as an Independent, he legally changed his name to reflect his message. House District 3 seat on Friday.

“Currently, the House is really broken,” Casson said. “Republicans and Democrats are fussing and feuding on various issues, and there’s not anything that is bridging that gap. So I just think it’s very important that we give voters options.”

To get his name on the ballot, Casson must secure signatures from 5,000 voters in the 3rd Congressional District, a process he is working on now.

“It’s going to be a completely grassroots effort,” he explained. “The state does not make it easy to collect signatures. You cannot use online signatures. They have to be pen and paper signatures. So I will be going door to door.

“Polls show that 90 percent, or even higher in some polls, do not like Congress,” Casson said. “At this point, there is a gap in credibility. Nobody trusts Congress, and they shouldn’t, based on the results of $20 trillion in debt. It just makes no sense. So until we bridge that gap, it really doesn’t matter what Congress does. Because nobody believes them,
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nobody trusts them, and nobody respects them.”

Casson ran for Congress as a Republican in 2014, but opted to run independently this year. The Auburn University alum also served on Bob Riley’s Congressional staff from 1997 to 2000.

‘Ideas and changes’

Casson says one issue that repeatedly comes up in conversation is the national debt.

“Normal people have to live under a budget,” he said. “You can’t forever spend what you take in. It’s not possible. The government, on the other hand, has shown us that they can. The current debt is $20 trillion, so I think that’s a huge issue. Even bigger than that, we’re taking in $4 trillion a year and spending more than that every year.”

Casson supports term limits in Congress and believes members should vote from their home districts.

“I think we need to question everything that Washington does, from top to bottom,” he said. “A great step would be to get those Congressmen out of Washington. () Those people certainly would see the constituents more often, and the constituents can give them input as to whether their vote was a good one or a bad one.”

Casson said the voters of the district were smart not to elect him in 2014, as he says “I’m not sure that Washington was quite ready for some of the ideas and changes that I’ve got.”

Now, though, he believes it’s time for an Independent to represent his home district.

“I just don’t think that there are many people who are challenging the status quo, and I’m pretty good at that,” he said. “That’s why I think I’m right for the seat now.”

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adidas predator blue Casson makes run for Congress as Independent
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