adidas gazelle og green College basketball is on the bubble

We talking Adidas employees being accused of helping payoffs to high school recruits families to steer players toward programs with Adidas deals and then back to Adidas when they turn professional.

And the head coaches knew absolutely nothing about it, right?

We talking NCAA, eventually. And the death penalty. We talking college basketball programs that won be basketball programs anymore. We talking firings or coaches suddenly leaving to more time with my family. Put Louisville Rick Pitino down for one or the other.

Louisville has admitted that it is one of the subjects of the federal probe. It already on NCAA probation for using prostitutes to lure recruits. It looks like Miami also might be part of the probe.

The list will grow.

No one knows where any of this will end.

It is sure to mushroom.

Why, guys haven even started cutting deals yet.

Will there be enough teams left for a tournament field of 68?

Welcome to The Final Three!

But are we really, truly shocked? Perhaps by the scope of it, but we have always assumed there had to be a sinister underbelly in the college game, temptation everywhere, even more than in college football, because basketball is a set up where one special player one kid could take a program to national heights.

There is so much money in the pot.

There had to be sleaze. Right?

Oh, is there sleaze.

And here comes the cleansing. The NCAA might need to suspend play for a season just to separate the saints from the sinners. Wonder who lead on that scoreboard.
girls adidas tracksuit College basketball is on the bubble