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news 10’s heather good has more on how “electronic logging devices” work and when they’ll be required in trucks across the country. electronic logging devices or e l ds will replace paper logs documenting time truckers spend on the road. the regulation is meant to prevent accidents caused by sleepy drivers. but as one local trucker says it will increase frieght costs. truckers across the country are installing a new device to their dash . to comply with a new nationwide regulation taking effect december 18th. drivers will be required to have an electronic logging device. to record time spent on the road. “the government feels that the next step would be to record that on an electronic device instead of a paper or manual entry.” mike morris of morris trucking in terre haute. has a fleet of 27 trucks. he says he paid 7 to 8 hundred bucks a pop for the e l ds. it’s an added cost. one morris says will be passed on in shipping fees. morris says the device is linked to the engine. “basically you turn it on, it’s on. you turn it off, it’s off.” the change does not impact how long drivers can stay on the road. truckers are limited to 11 hours of driving in a 14 hour period. then. 10 hours of rest. morris says. paper logs or electronic logs doesn’t matter. you have to abide by the law either way. “if it’s legal, it’s legal.” the regulation can be enforced during a traffic stop. and at any time the departmetnt of transportation can audit the data. if drivers are not following the rules. it could cost them thousands. morris says he does not think the new regulation will have much of an impact on safety but it could streamline the logging process. the e l ds must also be certified. morris says he expects to have all of his devices installed this weekend. a small wabash valley city hopes to keep growing. brazil has seen a lot of improvements lately. that includes newly paved city streets. the u s 40 overhaul. and revitalization projects. mayor brian wyndham wants to keep improving the downtown area. the city approved the expansion of the north central economic development area. it means more businesses along 40 can be a part of applying for a faade grant. i think we’re gonna have the participation level we need in order for this to be effective. it’s nice if we can get this where most of the buildings are in one area. it has more impact. the city will apply for the faade grant soon. businesses put forth a certain amount of money which is matched with grant money. a vincennes intersection that’s been closed for 9
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