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Four Lee County SWAT Team members stepped off the helicopter armed, eyes peeled and prepared. (Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education) Camp on Wednesday.

As the helicopter’s propellers slowed, one of the SWAT team members gave the signal and the kids gathered around the four members of the team to ask questions and peer inside the Alabama State Trooper helicopter at Ogletree Elementary School. Camp. course during the school year, according to Michael Roberson, Auburn Junior High School’s resource officer.

“The whole mission here is to get kids who are going into the sixth grade to get to know other kids from different schools and to bring a positive message every day and to give them a fun time,” Roberson said. “Basically they learn about bullying, how to handle situations about alcohol and drugs and being positive.”The weeklong program began Monday and will continue through Friday, providing students and parents a free summer camp that Roberson said helps prepare them for entering middle school.

“This is the age to catch them, because kids are going to try things at an early age,” Roberson said. “What we’re doing is we’re trying to deter that, make sure that they know what the effects of alcohol and drugs are, and we want to keep them away from that.”

This year the students were divided into teams like the Green Avocadoes and the Crazy 8’s The Great Team. Competitions like water slide races and others will continue throughout the week as teams compete for a prize.

Isabella Trentacosti, another camper, added that she’s most enjoyed the team chants and being active in general compared to “laying around all day.”

Along with friendly competition, each day brings a new speaker. Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes spoke on Monday, and the week will end with a message from Auburn Police Chief Paul Register.
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