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LOS ANGELES Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth is leaving the 12 Districts of Panem and striking off on his own in this Friday executives are waiting to see if the corporate espionage thriller announces Hemsworth as a budding A lister or crashes in a crowded summer field of movies, pulling his star to earth with it.

Teen idols like Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lawrence have tried to expand their brands beyond the young adult franchises that made them famous.

Sometimes, as in the case of Lawrence Oscar winning work in Linings Playbook, the actors have demonstrated that they have more to offer than Hunger Games or But others, such as Taylor Lautner, have failed to find follow up projects that generated much heat at the multiplexes.

TheWrap pulls out its grade book to take a look at how the top teen idols have fared at the box office outside their franchises. After grossing nearly $400 million worldwide, White will likely spawn a sequel and helped prove that audiences could accept her in other roles. However, the fall out from her affair with director Rupert Sanders hurt her with Twi hards who wanted her romance with Robert Pattinson to mirror their on screen love story. Plus, those indie movies received respectful reviews, but barely made a ripple at the box office.

What Next: More White along with grittier roles in the Guantanamo Bay drama X Ray and the backstage indie Maria opposite Chloe Moretz.

How the Strategy Worked: The logic is sound, and Stewart gets credit for finding a second franchise. However, she still has to convince critics that her slouching, often affect less delivery is a stunning display of naturalism instead of simply a case of indifference.

Grade: BFranchise Role: Bespectacled boy wizard Harry Potter in the eight films that carry that name.

Follow Ups: Most of Radcliff biggest splashes have been in the theater, where he memorably bared all in and proved he could carry a show in to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. But he has mixed in a few idiosyncratic offerings such as the horror film Woman in Black, which earned a decent $127.7 million worldwide.

What Next: The horror film about a man who wakes up with some funky headgear, and Your Darlings, which will feature Radcliffe as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Your Darlings. He also play Igor in an untitled Frankenstein project.

How the Strategy Worked: He proved he more than just a cute kid by taking the stage, but he needs to keep tending to the movie star part. Woman in Black proved he can open a film; now he has to repeat the trick with and Your Darlings. BFranchise Role: Peeta, the adversary and occasional love interest of Katniss Everdeen, in Hunger Games. Voice work in the animated film and a role as a guerilla fighter in the long delayed Dawn, which he actually completed before Hunger Games, didn hurt him exactly but also didn rise or fall on his performance. Prior to playing Peeta, he appeared in to the Center of the Earth and its sequel and showed he could be a sensitive sceen presence in Kids Are All Right. Next: Three more Games sequels interspersed with a role as a young surfer who tangles with Pablo Escobar niece in Lost opposite Benicio del Toro. There also the possibility of another sequel to to the Center of the Earth. the Strategy Worked: It hard to adequately assess whether Hutcherson has the chops to carry him beyond Hunger Games. A lot is riding on Lost. If he goes toe to toe with del Toro, it will demonstrate he an actor and not just a second banana.

Grade: C+Franchise Role: Brooding bloodsucker Edward Cullen in the films.

Follow Ups: Aside from a brief detour into heartthrob territory with 2011 largely forgettable for Elephants, Pattinson has favored edgier vehicles like David Cronenberg and the Belle Epoque romantic drama Ami. It earned him points for stretching, but critics have been cool to the films themselves and audiences have steered clear.

What Next: More of the same. Lawrence in of the Desert. the Strategy Worked: After Pattinson had his pick of roles, and he used that opportunity to prove that he more interested in finding offbeat roles than he in cashing paychecks. That admirable. However, he needs to find a part that gets the critical raves he clearly covets. Perhaps his second collaboration with Cronenberg will prove more memorable than the first.


Franchise Role: Brainy spell caster Hermonine Granger in eight Potter films.

Follow Ups: A stint at Brown University, interrupted by a heart tugging turn in the acclaimed and successful of Being a Wallflower and a hilarious send up of her goody two shoes image in Is the End. She also had a small role as a C list celebrity obsessed criminal in Sofia Coppola lackluster Bling Ring. Next: Holing up in the ark along with Russell Crowe in Darren Aronofsky biblical epic the Strategy Worked: She aced this exam. Watson has sought out a diverse range of projects that play to her strengths but also highlight a sense of humor that was only hinted at in the Potter films. represents her biggest challenge yet, but Aronofsky worked wonders with Natalie Portman, another former child star, in Swan, so you have to like those odds.
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black adidas jacket grade homes dangerously short on protection from storms

Burgum’s Kilbourne Group doesn’t own most of downtown FargoOtter Tail Power Company names Todd Wahlund Chief Financial OfficerAmerican Federal Promotes Adam BraunbergerlifestyleHeadlinesAway from Home: Key West, FloridaFuture smart homes will have roll up TVs, brain wave baths and so much more cool stuffNew storms whip up memories of old onesFargo VA to hold veterans town hall, claims clinicBIO Girls melds mentoring, fitness and faith

FARGO Under a bright blue sky and cottonball clouds, Ed Johnson was puttering around his yard in Countryside Trailer Court in south Fargo on Thursday, June 15.

It was an island of peace, compared with the angry gray skies, howling 60 mph winds and driving rain that ruled the region two days before.

Johnson said Tuesday’s storm was a reminder of how tenuous safety can be in a mobile home. After all, a few years before a massive elm snapped just a few feet from his home during a similar storm.

“In a mobile home, you get a little nervous,” Johnson said, adding, “I think it should be mandatory that every trailer court have a shelter.”

But like many mobile home parks in the Fargo Moorhead area, Countryside does not have a public storm shelter. In fact, Fargo doesn’t have any such shelters, said Leon Schlafmann, the city’s emergency services coordinator.

As an alternative, Schlafmann urges people to look for stores or other buildings open 24 hours, or to ask neighbors if they’d be willing to provide shelter.

Emergency management experts say now is the time to plan for how to deal with a weather emergency especially if you live in a mobile home or “slab on grade” home, which has no basement or just a minimal crawl space. “We’re starting to see more of them,” he said.

But slab homes are still a distinct minority in the city, with 22,553 homes with partial or full basements, Hushka said.

West Fargo officials report 799 homes built on a cement slab. Moorhead has 592 slab on grade homes and another 1,144 with small crawl spaces.

Moorhead has 314 mobile homes, the city assessor’s office reports. Hushka said Fargo has about 1,128 pads for mobile homes, with vacancy rates varying between 10 percent and 20 percent.

“If you live in a mobile home. You need to get out, period,” if there is a tornado warning or a watch, said Clay County Emergency Manager Bryan Green, who’s also a sheriff’s department lieutenant. “There is no protection.”

That’s William Mayville’s strategy. The resident of north Fargo’s Riviera Heights mobile home park said that if a storm looks serious, he will take his wife and their dog and take off in a car.
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The following articles are taken from past Arctic News publications.

Hay River by the Ven. McCollum

Some 1100 km north of Edmonton, Alberta, by road is found the town of Hay River in the Northwest Territories, situated on the southwest shore of Great Slave Lake. One of its claims to fame within the Diocese of The Arctic is that it is the only parish that has a railroad running to it. Hay River is a hub of transportation as from this point at the “end of steel” large volumes of freight moves down to the Western Arctic coast via barges on the Mackenzie River.

But there is a greater and more important claim to uniqueness about this parish. Some years ago the United Church of Canada (a major Canadian Protestant Church) asked St. Andrew’s to consider taking on the care of their parish charge of Grace United Church at Hay River. We acceded to this overture with open hearts and, after some “teething” in getting to know each other;
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we grew into a unique “Family Congregation.” The unofficial name of the parish is now “Grace St. Andrew’s.”

As a “Family Congregation,” Grace St. Andrew’s Church does all things together from our services of worship to our governing bodies of Board of Sessions and the Vestry, and including joint confirmation classes. Over the years this parish has grown into a full, rich and rewarding ministry for both the parishioners and their priest or deacon.

Part of the Anglican side of the parish consists of the old but beautiful mission church of St. Peter dating from the turn of the century and situated on the Indian Reserve across the river from the town. It is a sad commentary on our communication and work with these good people that St. Peter’s over the past twenty years has become increasingly inactive to the point where it is used only infrequently and then usually to lay to rest a member of the Indian Band on the Reserve. However, we do not lose sight of the expectation that the church will once again come together as a Family of God among this ancient and honourable people through the constant renewing presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Archdeacon Haydn Norma Schofield and their family have moved to Calgary to take up a new parish ministry in that diocese. Bishop Andrew recently ordained Vivian Smith a deacon to be in charge of St. Andrew’s. March 26 was a wonderful celebration.
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womens adidas high tops grab Oregon State wide receiver Brandin Cooks in first round

METAIRIE, Louisiana When New Orleans Saints scouts interviewed college defensive backs in advance of the draft, they’d always be sure to ask which receivers they found toughest to cover.

Brandin Cooks’ name kept coming up, further confirming the Saints’ flattering evaluation of the blazing fast, prolific receiver from Oregon State.

The Saints made Cooks their first round selection on Thursday night, trading up from the 27th overall slot to the 20th to get him. The deal sent the Saints’ first round pick, as well as their third rounder 91st overall to the Arizona Cardinals.

Cooks caught 128 passes for 1,730 yards and 16 touchdowns in 2013, when he won the Biletnikoff award as the top receiver in the nation.

At 5 foot 10, 190 pounds, Cooks is not big, but he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.33 seconds at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. And it wasn’t just his talent and his measurable skills that compelled New Orleans to trade up to snag him, Payton said.

“One thing about him that stood out is he’s a tough player both physically and mentally,” Payton said. “He’s been very consistent, very durable. Obviously, he runs well.

“His interview was fantastic,” Payton added. “A lot of intangibles besides just his skill set as a player that were really exciting.”

The Saints also got a good sense of Cooks from Oregon State coach Mike Riley, an Oregon native and longtime friend of Saints general manager Mickey Loomis, Payton said.

Payton also often preaches the need for player to be unselfish, and on that front has to like what Cooks did when he received $100,000 from Adidas for running the fastest time of all receivers at the combine. He bought a car for this mother.

“She needed one,” Cooks said. “She was driving around a 1999 Saturn. I wasn’t going to have that anymore. She’s driving a Mercedes.”

Now Cooks joins one of the NFL’s elite passing attacks, led by record setting quarterback Drew Brees.

Cooks said he was eager to run routes for “a potential future Hall of Famer” in Brees, adding that “the beauty about him is he gets the ball to all of his players, all of his receivers, the tight ends, his backs. Going to an offense like that as a rookie, you’ve got to be excited.”

The Saints ranked second in the NFL in passing last year, averaging 307.4 yards per game. But this offseason, New Orleans released receiver Lance Moore (37 catches, 457 yards, two TDs) and traded speedy running back Darren Sproles, who was also a receiving threat, catching 71 passes out of the backfield or from in the slot for 604 yards and two touchdowns.

Sproles also returned kickoffs and punts.

For those reasons, Payton said the Saints had identified an elite, versatile receiver who can be a deep threat, as well as a potential return man, as “a need” in this draft.

“We just saw this guy as a real good fit,” Payton said. “In this case he filled a need. . He does give us a (deep) threat and he’s a guy that can be used in a lot of ways.”

Cooks said he believes he and Sproles “do have the same skill sets, but obviously I’m a receiver and he was more in the backfield catching screens.”

Cooks said Payton told him he would line up in the slot and out wide, and have chances to return kicks and punts, giving him opportunities to make plays from a wide range of spots on the field.

“That’s my game,” Cooks said. “So I can’t complain about that.”

Cooks never visited New Orleans for an individual workout, and said he’s eager get acquainted with the Big Easy. He said he’d soon be calling Riley, a former Saints assistant coach under Jim Haslett, for some advice.
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Notwithstanding its inability to open multi brand retail for foreign investment, Indian government on Tuesday notified 100 per cent

Notwithstanding its inability to open multi brand retail for foreign investment, Indian government on Tuesday notified 100 per cent FDI in single brand retail, paving way for global chains like Adidas, Louis Vuitton and Gucci to have full ownership of their India operations.

“Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), up to 100 per cent, under the government approval route, would be permitted in single brand product retail trading,” a press note by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) said.

However, in respect of proposals involving FDI beyond 51 per cent, the mandatory sourcing of at least 30 per cent would have to be done from the domestic small and cottage industries which have a maximum investment in plant and machinery of USD 1 million (about Rs 5 crore).

The decision to increase FDI in single brand retail was taken by the Cabinet on November 24 along with opening the gates for overseas investment in multi brand retail.

adidas trail Govt nod to 100
the government was forced to put on hold FDI in multi brand retail by several political parties, including UPA ally Trinamool Congress.

At present, for single brand retailers, 51 per cent FDI is permitted. Removal of investment cap would help global fashion brands especially from Italy and France to strengthen their interest in the growing Indian market.

Many big names have already set up their operations in the country by partnering with Indian partners. The new policy would allow them to buy out the domestic partners.

The government said the move which comes into effect immediately would enhance competitiveness of Indian enterprises through access to global design, technologies and management practices.

According to the riders, however, the products by the global chains should be of ‘single brand’ only and be sold under the same brand internationally.

Single brand retailing would cover products which are branded during manufacturing and the foreign investor should be owner of the brand.

Though 51 per cent FDI in single brand was allowed in February 2006, not much investment has come in the sector.

During last three and half years, FDI worth only Rs 196 crore was received in the sector.

Experts hailed the decision and said that the move would make India a retail destination and help in enhancing foreign investments.

“It is an excellent move which would help in bringing more FDI into the country,” KPMG Executive Director Krishan Malhotra said.

“The decision would help in bringing latest products and technologies. It would also provide more choices to consumers,” PricewaterhouseCoopers Associate Director Goldie Dhama said.
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adidas id Governor Rick Scott Takes an Aerial Tour Over Florida’s West Coas

WKRG Staff OPA LOCKA, Fla. Coast Guard for an aerial tour on a C 130 along Florida’s West Coast and over the Florida Keys to assess damage from Hurricane Irma.

Earlier Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott drove to Mobile to begin the first leg of assessing damage in Florida from Hurricane Irma. Scott met up with the Coast Guard at the Aviation Training Center in Mobile to board an aircraft that will fly over South Florida and the Florida Keys.

The commander of the A T C says the uncertainty of Irma led them to make the call to have Governor Scott drive to Mobile and meet one of the Coast Guard’s C 130’s. Scott was accompanied by the Adjutant General of the Florida National Guard, Major General MIke Calhoun, and the Commander of the Coast Guard Atlantic Area, Vice Admiral Karl Schultz.

Scott said some may be breathing in relief that worst part of the storm has passed the South Florida area, but he said it is still a dangerous situation, with power lines down and debris everywhere.
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adidas grey tracksuit Governor Brown appoints two new

North Coast NewsNorth Coast WeatherNorth Coast Sky CamsNorth Coast TeamNorth Coast ScheduleCommunity CalendarSHASTA COUNTY, Calif. Governor Brown announced Monday the appointment of Daryl E. Kennedy and Adam B. Ryan to judgeships in the Shasta County Superior Court.Kennedy, 59, of Redding, has served as a commissioner at the Shasta County Superior Court since 2013, where he was general counsel from 2001 to 2013. He was a partner at Reiner, Simpson and Kennedy from 2000 to 2001, where he was an associate from 1994 to 2000, and an associate at Moss and Enochian from 1989 to 1994 and at Thelen,
adidas blue trainers Governor Brown appoints two new
Marrin, Johnson and Bridges from 1986 to 1989.Kennedy earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Monica M. Marlow. Kennedy is a Democrat.Ryan, 46, of Redding, has been a sole practitioner since 2013. He was a partner at Wright, Ryan and Anderson PLC from 2012 to 2013 and a sole practitioner from 2002 to 2012. Ryan was an associate at Sinclair and Hill in 2002 and at Moss and Enochian from 1999 to 2002. He was a sole practitioner from 1998 to 1999 and an associate at McGlynn and McGlynn from 1997 to 1998.Ryan earned his Juris Doctor degree from the Golden Gate University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Chico. He fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge William D. Gallagher. Ryan is a Republican.
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adidas clima cool Gordon signs deal with Nike

Oregon quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper, Georgia running back Todd Gurley and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston also signed with Nike. Terms of the deals were not disclosed.Cooper, Mariota and Winston are locks to be first round picks in the NFL draft which begins on April 30 in Chicago, and either Gordon or Gurley could be the first running back taken in the first round in several years.”Skill position players at quarterback,
adidas shirts Gordon signs deal with Nike
running back and wide receiver are often the faces of the franchises around the league, and Winston, Mariota, Gordon, Gurley and Cooper will all be under the spotlight this season. Even if only two of them live up to expectations and become stars,
adidas shirts Gordon signs deal with Nike
Nike will likely see these moves as successful on the whole.”

black and white adidas superstars Gordon Black pens book about his 50 year career in business

This pleases Gordon who, with his elder brother Thomas, took the Peter Black business which they both joined in the 1960s from a turnover of 2 million to more than 250m, operating in 30 countries and employing 3,000 people at its peak.

“The main motivation to write the book was to pass on the lessons I’ve learned over the past 50 years to anyone who may be interested. I also wanted to express my appreciation to my parents and our team in Keighley. Our employees were outstanding in terms of loyalty and support.

“I’ve been around the block during a business career which saw us build up the business started by my father in 1947 making shopping bags from surplus military webbing; floating it to provide the basis for expansion both through acquisitions and organically, taking it private again and finally selling it in 2007.

“I always say that we are not arrogant. Any success we had was because we made more good decisions than bad, but only just,” said Gordon.

Rampant inflation which wiped out his parents’ wealth when they lived in Germany between the wars bred an inherent insecurity in Gordon whose success career has been based on careful planning and not acting under duress whilst trying to be innovative.

The title of the book reflects his business interests down the years.

Peter Black born Hans Schwarzschild came to Britain in 1935 to escape the Nazis and initially worked in London before setting up an army webbing manufacturing plant in Keighley which led to him going his own way.

Shopping bags was followed by pioneering corduroy slippers for Marks Spencer, which was the company’s largest customer and through Peter Blacks expanded from just clothing and food into selling footwear, toiletries and accessories such as bags.

Peter Black also had the rights to make Adidas sports bags. Gordon’s latest blockbuster product was the Nutribullet blender marketed by High Street TV of which he was non executive chairman.

The Peter Black business also imported ideas from the United States by launching the Original Factory Shop business and opening the UK’s first shopping outlet at Hornsea.

Peter Black was sold to the Hong Kong based trading giant Li Fung for 48m.

“We sold the business because non or our children were in the business and we wanted a good home for it. The Chinese are renowned for their patience. We discussing the sale in 1999 and finally did the deal in 2007. I like to think we achieved an elegant exit,” said Gordon.

He waited to pen the book until he was no longer actively involved in any companies and could write without constraint. The book includes some forthright views on the state of modern business and retailing and Gordon is critical of some current business practices.

“There were some things I wanted to get off my chest and the process of writing it down was cathartic.

He said: “Retailers impose unfair conditions upon suppliers who in turn are afraid to put their heads over the parapet for fear of losing business. Ultimately,
adidas shop london Gordon Black pens book about his 50 year career in business
it’s a lose lose situation. We can’t be a nation of shopkeepers unless those shopkeepers have something decent to sell. If more retailers today had this approach they might avoid the problems many of them are facing today.

“One of the main reasons many of the large UK retailers are struggling is that the balance of power between customer and supplier has changed dramatically for the worse. We preached to our management that it was enlightened self interest to treat our suppliers the way they would like our customers to treat us.

“I think today some retailers have forgotten that it takes two to tango and that loyalty is a two way street. Today management changes so much and is less home grown so it’s difficult to form trusting relationships which gave us the confidence to invest,” said Gordon.

He also criticises the “race to the bottom” in prices, saying: “I was taught that price is only one component of value. That quality and design are equally important. The founder of Gucci once said ‘price is forgotten long after quality is remembered’.”

From Bags to Blenders is also littered with amusing anecdotes reflecting Gordon’s belief that business should be fun as well as profitable.

One example from his own career is the story of how, unable to get an appointment with a key director at Marks and Spencer he bluffed his way in, dressed as a janitor, asking ‘may I empty your bin, sir?’ He got the meeting.

He is delighted that the book is being adopted as a textbook by schools and universities which is in tune with his commitment to the next generation.

And life seems to have come full circle as Gordon’s son Jono, a former advertising executive, is launching a revolutionary range of shoes featuring micro springs in the sole to increase comfort.

” Hopefully that will be the latest best seller from a member of the Black family,” he said.

Gordon, who lives in Ilkley, now runs Black Family Investments with his brother.

They operate from a business unit in the Aire Valley which also houses the pick of the collection of veteran and vintage cars started by Peter Black. This includes the world’s sixth oldest car and the vehicle which featured in the film Genevieve.
adidas shop london Gordon Black pens book about his 50 year career in business

zx 750 adidas Google unveils ‘smart shoes’ at SXSW

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 11:48 AM

“Smart shoes” used to be employed as a phrase to describe footwear that would go well with a fitted suit but, if Google has its way, the term is about to be hijacked and redefined to describe a pair of internet connected sneakers that can track a user’s every movement and, thanks to in built speakers, shout encouraging messages in their general direction, or equally critical messages at those in the user’s close proximity.

The heavily customized Adidas sneakers, unveiled at the SXSW conference, feature many of the internal workings of a smartphone an accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor but they also feature a rather large conical speaker from which up to 250 different spoken phrases can be broadcast. These phrases include gems such as “if standing still were a sport, you’d be world champion!”

There are many reasons behind Google’s smart shoe concept (and the company is very quick to stress that the shoes are merely a concept). One of which is to get people talking about Google, but the strange objects also highlight the changing relationship people are about to have with objects as the internet of things begins to find a foothold within consumer technology.

The shoes are also meant to be a wake up call for advertisers (the shoes were developed in partnership with interactive media collective YesYesNo) to show how as the platforms on which the internet is accessed evolves, advertising has to change to keep pace. These shoes can monitor physical activity and push that information to a social network, but they could just as easily deliver audio commercials to all of the other runners on a track or members of a gym.
adidas adipower Google unveils 'smart shoes' at SXSW